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iglidur® i6-BLUE, laser sintering material

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Tough
  • Accurate surface details
  • Ideal for worm wheels
  • Blue colour for optical detectability
  • Available with the 3D printing service from five days
Descripción del producto
Selective laser sintering (SLS) material: iglidur® i6-BLUE

The iglidur i6-BLUE material developed for laser sintering was specifically intended for use as a worm wheel. The tests in the igus test laboratory showed a longer service life than for conventionally milled gears - e.g. POM - This significantly increases flexibility in the design of components, because the laser sintering process eliminates the need for tooling and therefore special parts can be manufactured efficiently with no minimum order quantity. Furthermore, iglidur i6-BLUE is ideal for snap-on connections due to the higher elongation at break.

Note: We are currently working on getting the food conformity for iglidur i6-BLUE certified again. In the meantime, as an alternative SLS material for components from the laser sintering process, we refer to iglidur I6-PL with certified food safety according to FDA specifications.

When do I use it?
  • For applications with sliding motion, especially for worm gears
When not to use it?
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