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The need to prevent static buildup in moving applications has been increasing in modern production equipment. There are two main reasons for this:

ESD - avoidance of static charges in manufacturing processes for sensitive electronic components or assemblies

ATEX - prevention of explosive static charge in hazardous environments

Measurements of the electrical surface leakage resistance for igus® e-chains® made from the special igumid GC material were made in 1992 by the igus® GmbH together with the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesanstalt) in Braunschweig, supplemented by additional certifications in 1998 and 1999 according to DIN IEC 60093 and the guidelines for static electricity TRBS 2153 of the Federation of Trade Associations.
In the course of further innovation, the igumid ESD materialwas certified by the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesanstalt) in May 2002. The igumid ESD material properties combine the requirements of ESD and ATEX criteria. In respect of many mechanical requirements, igumid ESD even outperforms the standard igumid GLW material and has been tested in the igus® technical centre for over 10 million cycles.

Your benefits with ESD products

ESD material tested with over 10 million cycles for the toughest requirements

Openable e-chains® with mounting brackets and interior separation in ESD and ATEX design available from stock

Standardised product - igumid ESD with PTB certificate

Proven over years of use in ATEX areas

Short delivery times: 24hrs , from stock

7:00 am to 8:00 pm - ordering and delivery service

Conductivity of igus® products made of igumid ESD

Contrary to the conductive surface coatings for temporary use or the briefly incorporated static inhibitors, the applied additive enables a lasting and maintenance-free conductivity for years. However to ensure conductivity in an e-chain®, it is not enough if only the individual components exhibit conductivity, but the entire e-chain® must have a continuous conductivity from one end to the other. All products in this catalog are optimized in this regard, and the continuous conductivity is measured and documented by a 100% test before delivery.
Only the e-chains® that have passed this test are given the seal and delivered. Color of the igumid ESD products: similar to RAL7015, slate gray for safe differentiation from standard materials.
100% of the produced ESD e-chains® are checked for their continuous conductivity "from one end to the other"

Structural design

Not only the material is important for a safe electrostatic discharge. The structural design is also critical for a truly safe use. The e-chains® from the E4.1 modular kit ensure a permanently constant discharge, since its chain links have a positive-fit connection with each other. Through its patented "tongue and groove" system, the inner link engages the outer link, whereby a discharge is guaranteed even after several million cycles. The e-chains® from the E2/000 range ensure a safe discharge due to the extremely low clearance between the pin and the hole of the chain links.

Material table igumid ESD

igumid ESD materials data Unit of measurement Values igumid ESD
Mechanical properties
Yield stress (dry/wet) MPa *
Elongation at break (dry/wet) % *
Flexural modulus (tensile test) MPa *
Limit of elasticity (bending) MPa 9.500
Flexural strength MPa 230
Shore-D-Hardness 83
General properties
Density g/m3 1,2
Moisture absorption 23/50 r.h. % weight 1,9
Maximum water absorption % weight 7,3
Electrical properties
Specific transitional resistance Ω*cm <109
Surface resistance ROA Ω <109
Thermal properties
Lower operating temperature °C -40°C / -40°F
Upper long-term application temp. °C 80°C / 176°F
Upper short-term application temp. °C 150°C / 302°F
Material certificates
Fire resistance as per UL94 HB
Silicon-free Yes
Halogen-free Yes
2002/95/EG (RoHS) Yes
2002/96/EG (WEEE) Yes
Colour(acc. to RAL, approximately)
ESD e-chains, slate grey ≈RAL7015
Exception:Cover Zipper and triflex R, black ≈RAL9004
*Values upon request

Important notice:Using the special material in combination with reduced pin/bore clearance can lead to a higher rolling resistance compared to standard e-chain® versions - especially when using the e-chain® in environments with persistently high levels of humidity.

Nothing suitable in the bearing range?

Many other products of the complete igus® e-chains® range are available as custom designs also in ESD/ATEX versions. igus® would be pleased to make an offer for your custom-made product, if technically possible, in the required quantity. The significantly improved profitability, as well as the rapid availability of the bearing range - particularly in the spare parts supply - should always be the first choice.


ESD application with igus® E2/000 e-chains® of the series 2400 in a centrifuge for deoiling, drying, rinsing, coating and rust protection
igus® ESD option of the E2/000 system in a tank car filling station. During the transport of gases, 100% ATEX safety must be ensured.

Certification of igus® materials:

Certificate of the physical-technical federal institute (German)

More information of ESD & ATEX

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