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Application examples for the E4.1 system

The E4.1 system is an e-chain series for almost all applications. Your benefits:
  • Easy assembly and modularity
  • Stronger whilst having the same or even smaller dimensions than previous versions
  • The service life of your application can be still increased at lower costs.

Typical industries and applications for the E4.1 series

Cranes, indoor cranes, composting plants, sewage plants, machine tools, general mechanical engineering, material handling technology, cooling technology, construction machinery, woodworking, robots and handling equipment

Lifting platforms

readychain® harnessed energy chains from igus enable safe and precise working at a great height as well as faster maintenance.

Gantry loader

Smooth-running e-chains® & pre-assembled cables from igus® are the perfect choice for the energy and signal supply system in this gantry loader by the Gehring Group.

Energy chains in the beverage industry

Durable energy chains protect and guide cables in the beverage industry

CNC Machining Center

This CNC machining center uses e-chains® in various installation types.

Energy chains for an XXL 3D water jet cutting machine

Energy chains for an XXL 3D water jet cutting machine

Sludge processing

World's biggest polymer energy chain: Being many times lighter than comparable steel chains it easily moves over 100 kg of filling per meter.

X-ray machine

This global innovation can be used to approach a patient in any desired position.

High-temperature energy tube as an energy supply system in a CNC machining centre

Resistant to temperature and chemicals, the e-tubes withstand the ubiquitous flying chips, for example. They ensure flawless machine tool operation.

Predictive Maintenance in train-washing stations

The complete smart plastics package, which optimally combines condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

The E4.1 system

Tough, low-noise, modular. System E4.1 - Advantages of the proven E4 series Inner heights: 21 to 350 mm. Crossbars removable along the inner and outer radius.  High push force on long travels and for large unsupported lengths.
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