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Conveniently installed energy supply system on the girder of an indoor crane

guidefast system enables quick and easy installation of the guide trough on the crane

Travelling cranes and crane components - tailored to individual customer requirements. Our guidefast is the default solution in the "double-girder crane systems" segment: this guide trough for e-chains impresses with its short assembly times thanks to its quick and easy attachment. The design is also an additional aspect for users. For these reasons, the manufacturer Piedmont Hoist & Crane in the USA also decided in favour of the convenient modular system.


  • What was needed: guidefast guide system for easy assembly of energy chains
  • Requirements: the manufacturer was looking for a new cable guidance solution that would require less installation and maintenance than the previous festooning system.
  • Industry: Cranes
  • Success for the customer: the guidefast guide trough is simply attached to suitable brackets on the side of the crane and fixed in place with clamping blocks. This means that the customer does not have to weld the system to the crane at all. The manufacturer and its customers are also impressed by the sleek look.
Energy chain in guidefast guide trough


Piedmont Hoist & Crane is a member of CMAA and manufactures travelling cranes and crane components in a modern facility centrally located in Colfax, NC, USA. The crane specialist's engineers and design team work with the latest modelling software and computer equipment, building bridge cranes in strict accordance with CMAA specifications 70 and 74.
In addition to cranes, box girders, rotary-axle lorries and pallet trucks are also designed here.
Until now, the manufacturer has always relied on festooning systems for its cranes, but these were expensive to assemble and maintain and no longer met the company's aesthetic requirements. As the trend in the industry is also towards reducing in-house maintenance departments, Piedmont Hoist & Crane opted for a new cable guidance concept.


The customer therefore decided in favour of a guidefast system, which is modular and designed to make the installation of cable trays and energy chains on cranes as quick and easy as possible.
A guidefast guide trough of a defined size is simply attached to the side of the crane using suitable brackets and fixed in place with clamping blocks. Welding the system to the crane is therefore completely unnecessary.
After we introduced the guidefast system, it is now the default on most of the company's double-girder cranes. The ease of installation alone has made it a preferred approach for Piedmont and customers are impressed with its sleek look. The photos show one of the cranes from Piedmont, which is now used for customer demonstrations.

Double-girder crane system

Piedmont Hoist & Crane, Dan McFadden, Colfax, USA

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