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Low-wear profile rol e-chain® allows a long service life on STS bridge crane

A compact and robust P4.1 rol e-chain® saves the operator maintenance time and costs

Replacing the old energy chain system with a P4.1 rol e-chain® brought several advantages: the service life of the crane has been increased, the chain now runs more quietly in the trough and roller wear has been significantly reduced. The new cable guide system has now been running flawlessly in several Chinese ports for over a year, which has also significantly reduced maintenance costs.


  • What was needed: P4.1 energy chain
  • Requirements: A cable guidance system was required that would allow all cables to be moved safely on a permanent basis in rough weather and at high travel speeds.
  • Industry: Crane systems
  • Success for the customer: In accordance with the operator's specifications, the P4.1 was found to be a cable guide with increased chain strength, reduced friction, minimised wear, extended service life, lower noise during the process and completely free of corrosion or slipping.
Container crane with energy chain


This application involves the 70t overhead crane of the Chinese manufacturer of container gantry cranes, Shanghai Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. and a 65t crane of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co. Energy chains were previously used for the energy supply of the trolleys of the cranes, which led to several problems, resulting in particular, in a shorter service life and increased maintenance and servicing costs. For example, high costs were incurred due to corrosion, increased friction and greater wear. Due to the high running costs, it was decided to look for a new solution for the cable guidance. The aim was to implement an energy supply system with increased chain strength, reduced friction as well as minimised wear, extended service life, lower noise during travel and without corrosion, and which cannot slip when running in the trough.


The operator decided to use a P4.1 rol e-chain® on the basis of the local conditions as well as his own experience after extensive research and after detailed comparisons with other systems. This fast running, compact and resistant plastic cable guide for the trolley system of the shore bridges has quickly established itself in the very harsh harbour environment. Another challenge in the overhead cranes, a safe guidance of all cables at constantly high travel speeds of the trolley, does not pose any problems for the e-chain. Unlike the old system, it enables considerable cost and time savings in terms of maintenance and servicing. It also allows the operator more planning reliability and security in ongoing operations. 
All these hoped-for advantages of the new system have already become apparent within the first year.

Container crane with energy chain

Qing dao Qianwan Container terminal Co. Ltd, Zou Zi Qing, Qing Dao, China

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