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Energy chain for indoor cranes in foundry with high temperatures and contamination

Robust E4/4 roller energy chains work reliably in extreme conditions in three indoor cranes

These three cranes are used to transport containers with liquid metal in a casting house. Each of the cranes has a loadbearing capacity of 100 tonnes. The hot environment coupled with an extremely heavy soiling on the crane caused by mould sand, graphite and metallic dusts presents a huge challenge to the energy chains in this case. Due to the use of igus® rol e-chains® an always failure-free run has been realised in this rough environment.

Saalfelder Hebezeugbau GmbH, Lothar Heinze,
Saalfeld, Germany


  • What was needed: Energy chains of the type E4/4 executed as roller energy chains.
  • Requirements: High permanent temperatures of 55°C in the foundry, coupled with high levels of contamination from moulding sand, graphite and metallic dust.
  • Industry: Crane construction
  • Success for the customer: The chains are robust and allow long travels. The drive power of the crane was reduced to less than 25% to move the chain. Long-term, trouble-free operation in a very harsh environment could be achieved.
Indoor cranes Indoor cranes in the foundry


This application involves three new cranes from crane manufacturer SHB Hebezeugbau GmbH. The automatic cranes were to be installed as indoor cranes in a foundry, where they will transport containers of molten metal.
Due to the extremely aggressive environmental conditions in the foundry, the highest demands were placed on the crane design and on individual components used in the energy and data supply system. This particular environment needed to withstand very high temperatures of 55°C and very high levels of contamination due to deposits of moulding sand, graphite and metallic dusts in the plant.
The manufacturer was therefore looking for an energy supply solution suitable for the adverse conditions that could achieve a long service life and the shortest possible downtimes.


The crane specialist finally decided to use energy chains on the cranes, our plastic energy chains of the type E4/4 in the design of a roller energy chain. The energy chain is ideally suited for protecting the power and data supply of the trolleys on large cranes, as it ensures very long travels effortlessly and reliably. The robust chain design enables high rigidity and resistance in indoor areas and also outdoors in harsh weather conditions.
By opting for a roller energy chain, the drive power required by the crane to move the chain and cables could be reduced to less than 25%. This also supports high travel speeds. This allows the trolley to travel 25m/min over a travel of 45m.
The result of the project: By using the e-chains, it was possible to achieve trouble-free operation in very harsh environments.

Indoor cranes

Saalfelder Hebezeugbau GmbH, Lothar Heinze,

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