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Bread packaging machine: avoid cable breaks with chainflex and smart plastics

Intelligent sensors and robust format adjustments for long run times with high dynamics

GHD Georg Hartmann Maschinenbau is one of the world's leading manufacturers of systems for slicing and packaging foodstuffs. Those in charge were looking for a reliable energy supply with pneumatic and electrical cables in order to refine a packaging machine with high processing cycles. Today, a monitored smart solution that indicates faults even before the machine fails is being used. In the event of maintenance, the Module Connect modular connector system enables the ready-to-install readychain energy chain system to be changed quickly and safely. And torsion-resistant linear technology enables reliable format adjustments for long service life.


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Bread packaging machine

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GHD Georg Hartmann Maschinenbau GmbH offers machines for slicing, packaging, sealing and grouping as well as for the transport and handling of baked goods and foodstuffs. From individual machines to customer-specific turnkey complete systems, the company supplies everything from a single source: planning, production, commissioning and service. On the basis of a very high level of vertical integration, customers appreciate the constant availability and first-class supply of spare parts and wear-resistant parts.
In a present-day packaging machine for industrial baked goods such as e.g. toast, the right energy supply components and linear technology for safe format adjustments had to be found. The automatic packaging machine GBK 440 offers the safe packaging and sealing of product bags in one operation. A wide variety of food formats can be packaged on the machine with the shortest possible cycle times. The speed can be varied according to your requirements and application. The machine is designed for up to an incredibly fast 80 cycles per minute, which is significantly more than one packaged unit per second.
The machine works with really high stroke rates in a relatively small installation space. Therefore, highly bend-resistant cables are required that must not exceed a bend radius of 63mm. In addition, we had to find a preventive warning system to avoid a possible cost-intensive breakdown of this machine with its high output.


In order to achieve exceptionally small bend radii, the choice fell on an energy chain of the E4.1L series, which is characterised by high force absorption. In addition, highly flexible chainflex cables are used, which were specially designed for moving applications. For example, chainflex control cables of type CF10.UL.05.04 with a minimum bend radius of 5 x d and of type CF9.03.04.INI are used. A chainflex measuring system cable of type CF113.028.D with a minimum bend radius of 7.5 x d, a 6mm pneumatic hose and two other CF9 sensor cables complete the range. All cables including the chain were delivered to the customer as a ready-to-install and finally tested readychain complete system.
Despite the guarantee of a run time of 36 months or ten million double strokes, the high number of cycles of up to 80 double strokes per minute for the packaging machine was outside the standard warranty. That is why the cables are supplemented with intelligent solutions for predictive maintenance. isense sensors together with the CF.Q module continuously monitor the condition of the cables. The incipient core rupture is recognised by the changes in the electrical specifications. It is reported to the so-called icom module, which transmits the data to a cloud system.
In the event of maintenance, a plug-and-play system had to be made available so that this task could be completed quickly. The Module Connect, a plug-in connector concept for connecting electrical cables, fibre optic cables and pneumatic hoses, is used here. Thanks to the simple modular system, an individual connection/disconnection point can be configured as a module - extremely easily and with absolute plug-in safety.
Finally, it was also necessary to ensure a simple but reliable format adjustment for the cross-feeder with turning device for half loaves. Linear technology from the drylin W modular system with manual clamp enables the quick positioning of the cross-feeder with just a few movements.

Bread packaging machine energy chains The bread packaging machine works with high stroke rates in a compact installation space. This is why the developers resorted to e-chains and highly flexible chainflex cables for reliable cable guidance.
Bread packaging machine isense CF.Q The CF.Q top-hat (DIN) rail module for predictive maintenance from the igus smart plastics portfolio, monitors the electrical specifications of chainflex cables during operation.
Module Connect plug-in connector concept Pre-assembled energy chains (readychains) with the Module Connect connector concept for fast, convenient installation or replacement.
Linear technology of the cross-feeder A drylin W linear rail with manual clamp handles the quick and flexible format adjustment for the cross-feeder.

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