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Maintenance of the MTB derailleur is no longer necessary with iglidur plain bearings

Off on the winning path

The derailleur on a mountain bike has the task of guiding the chain and positioning it precisely under the various sized sprockets that provide the different gear ratios. In the guide roller of the SRAM derailleur, iglidur G plastic plain bearings perform reliably at all pivot points. In the process, they also convince the world's top mountain bikers.

Resistant to water, mud, sand, oil

The guide roller in a mountain bike derailleur is moved by a parallelogram mechanism. This must take up a precise position in three-dimensional space, as the chain sprockets are very close together and deviations can lead to noises or even jumping of the chain. In the process, the derailleur is subject to various environmental effects such as water, mud, sand and oil. In addition, there are influences from cleaning with the steam jet as well as mechanical stresses, for example due to cracks. Two iglidur G plastic bearings from igus are located in each of the four hinge points. With them, a precision and durability can be achieved that also meets the demands of professional mountain bikers competing for medals.
Mountain biker at the 2004 Olympics in Athens One gold, one silver and one bronze medal each at the 2004 Athens Olympics for the mountain bikers. iglidur G plain bearings withstand the highest stress even in the most difficult terrain.

Machine element as a guarantee for success

The possible weight saving was an important criterion for SRAM and spoke in favour of using our plain bearings. In the previous direct bearing in plastic, aluminium or brass bushes, friction and wear were high, while precision was low. The iglidur G bushings work extremely precisely and with low friction and prove to be almost indestructible. The economic efficiency is mainly determined by the long service life of the plain bearings, which can be calculated with our online tools. In addition, the absence of external lubricants eliminates the need for bearing maintenance, which otherwise proves to be very difficult in the field.
The KMTB derailleur from SRAM: with iglidur G plain bearings, maintenance of the bearing points is no longer necessary.

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