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Skateboard axes have very low steering movement. The restoring force is made via rubber or springs that frequently need to be replaced. A screw regulates whether the skater likes to skate fast or if he wants to ride narrow curves. This driving freedom shall be considerably increased with a new type of axis. It strongly orients itself with respect to the motion sequence of surfing. The rider does not need to push himself along the ground by foot, but rides and accelerates by displacement of his body weight. Some innovations of the new axis: The 4-joint kinematic system is self-regulating and adjusts by gravitation to the weight of the skater. The weight has been reduced, the response characteristics are more precise, and there are no dangerous wheel bites (rolls get in contact with dirt and get jammed). The use of bushes form the igus® product range allows a reliable and maintenance-free utilization of the sporting device: iglidur® G plain bearings with flange and pre-tensioned bearings, iglidur® JVFM, are installed.

Skateboard axis with 4-joint kinematic system  
Augustin Produktentwicklung UG, Stephan Augustin, Munich, Germany
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