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igus® S.L.U.

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Ham cutter

iglidur plain bearings in this slicing machine work reliably even after frequent cleaning

This machine is also used for processing food, in this case raw ham. To prevent the meat becoming soiled with lubricants, lubricant-free plain bearings from igus® were installed. Bearings made of iglidur® G and iglidur® J are used. They are resistant to the cleaning agents used to clean the machine regularly.


  • What was needed: iglidur plastic plain bearings
  • Requirements: the bearings must be free from lubricants and must always function properly even under frequent and intensive cleaning with chemical cleaning agents.
  • Industry: food industry
  • Success for the customer: the iglidur plain bearings are completely lubrication-free and maintenance-free and are perfectly suited for use in food industry. They do not oxidise in the application and work in a reliable manner.
Ham slicer


This machine is used in the processing of food in the food and packaging industry. Within the plant, which operates under mechanical, electronic and pneumatic systems, ham is further processed by slicing. In this station, bearing arrangements are required which, due to the high requirements in the food industry, both operate without lubricants and always function perfectly under frequent and intensive cleaning with chemical cleaning agents. The bearings must also operate smoothly in the event of strong oscillation in the machine.


The machine specialist decided to use iglidur plain bearings instead of metal bearings for the bearings in the machine parts with oscillating movements. As these bearings are completely lubrication and maintenance-free, they are perfectly suited for use in food technology. Additionally, oxidation of the bearings is avoided by using the iglidur material. This was particularly important due to the frequent cleaning intervals and could not be guaranteed by metal bearings. As the bearings were also durable and reliable in use, the machine manufacturer also decided to use them at bearing points with rotating movements at slow speeds (e.g. at the cochlea).

Ham slicer
Ham slicer
Ham slicer
Ham slicer
Ham slicer
Ham slicer

TECAU s. r. l., Luca Corbelli, Reggio Emilia, Italy

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