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Linear guides with no stick-slip effect for a CNC-controlled laser cutting system

This laser cutting system for private households was built to be affordable and low-maintenance.

This laser cutting system is designed for private hobby use. It is equipped with a maintenance-free CO2 laser. The system has a travel range of 1,000 x 500 millimetres. The axes are moved with stepper motors, and round and square drylin W rails are used as linear guides. The machine runs perfectly with this guidance system, and there is no stick-slip, so drylin products have an advantage over conventional roller guides.


  • What was needed: drylin W linear guides, E2 mini energy chain
  • Requirements: low-maintenance, long service life, manufacturing cost reduction
  • Industry: CNC cutting machines; machine tools
  • Success for the customer: The linear units allow operation without lubrication or maintenance. They do this without the stick-slip effect while reducing manufacturing costs for the customer.
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Laser cutting machine Picture 1: This CNC-controlled laser cutting machine works on the X- and Y-axes with lubrication-free drylin linear axes. The E2 mini energy chain for cable guidance is clearly visible at the top left.

Products used


This CNC-controlled laser cutting system works with a travel range of 1,000 x 500 mm, which is navigated with stepper motors. The machine, which was designed for private hobby use, is equipped with a maintenance-free CO2 laser. Since the system is for private hobbyists and not industrial use, longevity and maintenance frequency were not the only considerations for the individual components. The solution also had to be economical.
A solution was that met these requirements was also needed for the axes' linear guides. After roller guides had been rejected, a different solution was chosen for the prototype.


After careful consultation, the customer decided on drylin linear guides for the X- and Y-axes. Specifically, the CNC laser cutting system uses the drylin W WSQ-06-30 guide rail with WW-06-30-06 carriages on the X-axis. A drylin WS-10 linear rail was installed on the Y-axis in combination with two WJ200UM-01-10 carriages each (see Picture 1).
The laser travels at up to 500mm/s and without any stick-slip effect. An E2 mini energy chain was also used to guide the cables (see Picture 1). The igus logo (Pictures 2 and 4) was cut out with a power of about 20 watts and a feed rate of 8mm/s.
The linear carriages' advantages are freedom from lubrication and maintenance. The tribo-polymers in the linear unit allow it to move with minimal friction and a self-lubricating effect. No external lubrication needs to be added.
Laser cutting machine Picture 2: During a test, the igus logo was cut out at a feed rate of 8mm/s.
Laser cutting machine Picture 3: The CNC cutting system was designed for the private hobbyist. In addition to longevity, such considerations as economy therefore also played a major role in the selection of individual components.
Laser cutting machine Picture 4: The drylin portfolio consists of various series. They include the drylin R shaft guides, the compact drylin N low-profile guides, and the drylin T T-guides.

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