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Lubrication-free polymer plain bearings in hoeing technology for weed control

iglidur bearings enable efficient hoeing in the award-winning VarioCHOP system from samo.

Weed control without herbicides – for this purpose not only organic farmers, but also more and more conventional farms are relying on the chopping technology. For the quick, flexible and maintenance-free adjustment of machines, samo Maschinenbau GmbH developed from scratch their completely redesigned chopping device - the VarioCHOP. With it, the processing width can be adjusted directly from the tractor cab. This saves time and weed control is more efficient. To enable the modern device to work reliably and maintenance-free, engineers rely on the lubrication-free polymer plain bearing technology from igus.
  • What was needed: iglidur G plain bearings
  • Requirements: The hoeing elements are exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as dust, dirt and moisture. The bearings must therefore be extremely robust. In addition, samo was also looking for a material that is lubrication-free and cost-effective.
  • Industry: agriculture
  • Success for the customer: iglidur plain bearings are robust, wear-resistant, corrosion-free, light and lubrication-free. They are also very insensitive to dust and dirt and easily absorb shocks and impacts. A total of 32 plain bearings are used in the application.
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VarioCHOP With the VarioCHOP, the processing width can be easily set manually or automatically. This way weeds are chopped more efficiently and sustainably.

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In order to successfully combat weeds, organic farmers in particular are currently relying on choppers that reach the roots of the weeds. The problem with conventional devices: they have to be set mechanically and when stationary at up to 60 points, using a spanner and foot rule. Operations that are very time consuming. For this reason, samo Maschinenbau GmbH has developed the VarioChOP system, which allows variable and stepless chopping.
The VarioCHOP consists of several chopping elements, the number of which the customer can determine themselves. A parallel kinematic system allows easy adjustment of the individual elements. 
The chopping elements are exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as dust, dirt and moisture . Accordingly, the bearing points must be extremely resistant and withstand not only the weather but also shocks and impacts.  
In addition, samo was also looking for a material that is lubrication-free and cost-effective.


Today, iglidur plain bearings ensure a safe bearing of the moving chopping elements. More precisely, a total of 18 iglidur plain bearings made of the tribo-polymer iglidur G are used in the parallel kinematics of the chopping elements. As an all-rounder, iglidur G is extremely wear-resistant, corrosion-free and light. Furthermore, samo Maschinenbau can now also completely dispense with additional lubricants. The absence of grease and oil also prevents lubricants from entering the soil. The plain bearings are very insensitive to dust and dirt and can be cleaned easily. Shocks and impacts are absorbed by the iglidur plain bearings . A further 14 plain bearings made of the same material ensure maintenance-free bearing of the vertical guide. iglidur G has a high permissible surface pressure and is also very attractive in price as a large bushing with a diameter of 35 millimetres. Thanks to a large number of tests in the in-house igus laboratory, the material has also been proven in heavy-duty applications for years.

"We were looking for a material that was lubrication-free, robust and cost-effective, so we opted for the iglidur plain bearings from igus"
Klemens Ollmaier, Managing Partner of samo Maschinenbau GmbH
iglidur G plain bearings A total of 14 iglidur G plain bearings are used in the level guide of each chopping element.
iglidur G plain bearings In parallel kinematics, the designers rely on 18 lubrication-free, lightweight plain bearings made of the all-rounder material iglidur G for each hoeing element.
iglidur G plain bearings The plain bearings are simply pressed into the elements. They are lubrication-free, insensitive to dust and dirt and therefore ideally suited for use in agricultural machinery.