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Hanging energy supply solutions for onshore and offshore drilling rigs

Energy chains show themselves to be a reliable alternative to service loops on drilling rigs

The long travels, the high cable weight, the exposed position at sea: Cable guidance on drilling rigs poses a great challenge to the systems. Energy chain systems that work in tight installation spaces, such as the E4.1 series and the e-loop, are suitable as a proven alternative to conventional service loops.


  • What was needed: Energy chain systems such as the E4.1 series or the e-loop for use on drilling rigs
  • Requirements: High cable weight; vulnerable to wind and weather due to exposed location and area of application
  • Industry: Oil and gas
  • Success for the customer: The robust chain systems offer maximum protection with a high level of reliability. They provide compact guidance for all cables.
e-chains on an offshore rig The cable package of this 500-ton drilling rig is guided by two E4.1 e-chains, each of which runs next to the top drive.


A large number of hoses and cables must be guided reliably on rack-and-pinion onshore and offshore drilling rig lifting equipment. To ensure a reliable supply of energy or signals, for example, robust guidance systems are required. The long, heavy cables hang down a long way along the drilling rig and are particularly susceptible to external influences such as strong winds, which pose especially great safety risks in offshore areas.
Service loops are often used for such cases. All cables are often cast together in a dress pack and installed to the side of the drill pipe.


To guide the cable and hose package safely and reliably, robust energy chain systems are available as an alternative to service loops. They allow a particularly long service life, meaning that failures and maintenance measures can be avoided and costs kept low.
In addition, all cables can be guided along the drilling rig in a confined space.
Since a large number of cables always means high installation costs, it is also worthwhile to buy a ready-chain – an energy chain that is completely equipped with cables and harnessed.
For three-dimensional applications, our e-loop system can be used instead of the energy chain. The tensile forces acting on the e-loop are transmitted to the mounting brackets and the structure of the drilling rig by means of an internal pull rope. Cables thus remain completely relieved of strain.

Rack & pinion top drives
Rack & pinion top drives
Rack & pinion top drives

readychain - ready-to-install energy chain systems

With our readychain system, we provide individual harnessed energy supply systems than can be easily installed on site.


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