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Green, fast, saves.
Energy efficient polymer energy chains and cables reduce consumption by up to 57%

Energy chain systems not only transport energy, data and media to machinery and equipment. They also have an influence on their energy costs. How much pull and thrust force, in other words drive power, is required at a given speed, to move an energy chain? How light but at the same time sturdy must energy chains be designed so that as little energy as possible is consumed and motors as small as possible including drive control, frequency converter and mechanics are adequate? Modern polymer energy chains and chainflex® cables help in this case to equip and operate machinery in an energy and cost-efficient way.


Saving energy - kind on the wallet and the environment

Smaller motor with less power sufficient

Smaller, cheaper motor control modules sufficient

Possible to make machinery and equipment smaller

Green, fast, saves.
Energy-efficient e-chain system® P4
(Comparisons with same power and load data, for details see calculations)

Green automation

57% less drive power at 3 m/s and faster.


Small, sturdy
e-chain®, rolling application, optimized cable quality.

- 37%:

Rolling motion instead of sliding.

- 17%:

Smaller e-chain®, better/more stable design.

- 17%:

Lighter cables, better insulation/jacket materials.


Sliding application, standard cables.

Examples and test results in detail

How much pull and thrust force, in other words drive power, is required to move an energy chain?
With the right materials and clever design, the energy consumption for moving the energy chain can be drastically reduced, as now proven by current tests and sample calculations in the energy chain and cable laboratory at igus®. igus® e-chains® and chainflex® cables reduce the required drive power by up to 57% and extend the application's service life.

Better, lighter cables

Up to 17% saving on the drive power - cables: jacket and insulating materials.

Smaller sized energy chains

Up to 17% saving in the drive power - Smaller dimensions, more powerful and lighter.

Rolling motion

Up to 37% saving in drive power - Long travel distances, high fill weights.

Smaller energy chain, better cables, rolling motion

Up to 57% saving on drive power - Smaller chain (more sturdy), rolling application, better cables.

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Let us design your equipment free of charge and uncover savings potential at the same time or look for the best solution yourself directly with our product finders and design aids.

Improve technology and reduce costs