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Tailored energy supply for indoor cranes on a 32m long crane runway

Durable energy chain with aluminium guide trough enables safe crane travel without a cable station

In the crane engineering industry, energy supply systems prove their technical and economic strengths more and more frequently. Flexibility, variability and space-saving installation are only a few of the most important criteria. Aluminium guide troughs are used for long travels, as they ensure safe guidance under all ambient conditions. Energy supply systems are a compelling choice for crane construction and are being used more and more frequently. They have a number of technical and economic advantages. Compared to conventional systems, there is no need for a cable station.


  • What was needed: polymer energy chain with aluminium guide trough, chainflex cables
  • Requirements: the energy supply system had to meet requirements in terms of durability and compactness.
  • Industry: crane
  • Success for the customer: altogether, with energy chains including the inner cables and the combination with the aluminium troughs, it was possible to implement a system that is as compact as it is space-saving.
Energy chain with chainflex cables in the crane The following chainflex cables are used: motor cables, control cables, data cables and bus cables.


In this application, it is a crane system for fully automatic operation for storing and retrieving sewage sludge in a cement plant. The designers here were looking for a customised energy supply system together with the matching inner cables.
The crane track has a total length of 32 metres, with a trolley travel speed of 60m/min, a crane travel speed of 80m/min and a lifting speed of 60m/min. The stroke height is also 8 metres.
The energy supply system had to meet requirements in terms of durability and compactness.


The recycling crane now uses polymer energy supply systems that travel in aluminium troughs.
The basic package of the guide trough system consists of only four parts: Trough wall, glide bar, bottom clamp and scalable crossbar. The trough wall made of extruded aluminium is light, yet strong, seawater-resistant and can also be used in harsh environmental conditions. The glide bars are securely clicked into a continuous lateral groove and can be released again. The bottom clamp can be installed inside or outside with only one screw on the bottom or on fixing profiles. Finally, a springy plastic wedge absorbs any impacts that occur.
In addition, the chainflex cables with cores wound in bundles and highly abrasion-resistant, gusset-filling extruded outer jackets, which meet the requirements of even the toughest applications, mounting brackets, strain reliefs and assembly materials have proven their worth for over 15 years, particularly in long travels with high numbers of cycles.
All in all, with energy chains including internal cables and the combination with the aluminium channels, it was possible to realise a system that is both compact and space-saving.

Energy chain in a crane Guide-troughs system for long travels
Energy chain in a crane View of the complete system from above. The aluminium guide trough is maximum 12mm wider per side than the energy supply system.
Energy chain in a crane Aluminium guide trough is strong against forces from all directions.

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