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Energy chain system e-loop in bucket wheel excavator

Description of application

  • Installations: Bucket wheel excavator chalk
  • Industry: Cement industry
  • Customer requirements:
    • Suitable for heavy duty applications
    • Quick assembly
    • Robust
  • Solution from igus: Energy chain system e-loop®

Holcim (Deutschland) GmbH uses a bucket wheel excavator in Lägerdorf (Schleswig-Holstein) to mine chalk as a raw material for cement production. The excavator works together with a spreader. Both devices are connected by several single cores with high cross sections. Holcim and igus have installed the new e-loop energy supply system to protect and guide the cables safely. The e-loop was developed for tough and heavy duty applications. It combines the advantages of a polymer energy chain with those of a high-strength pull rope. Inside the e-loop energy chain, the pull rope transfers the pull force to the mounting brackets and the structure. As a result, the cables are kept completely free of strain. The modular e-loop made of high-performance polymer always enables a defined bend radius and easily copes with vibrations and impacts. The system was installed around the existing cable harness in a joint project. Instead of the planned 8 hours installation time, the work was completed after only 4 hours.
Bucket wheel excavator
Bucket wheel excavator
Bucket wheel excavator


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