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autoglide 5 saves 88% assembly time for a transport trolley that moves laundry


  • What was needed: autoglide 5 
  • Requirements: less installation space, easy and quick to assemble, high durability and safety
  • Success for the customer: PMV Fördertechnik relies on the new autoglide 5 energy chain which helps their end customers save 1.5 days of installation effort.
The PMV Fördertechnik develops customised conveyor belts. It is specially designed for the transport route between the individual stations - from pre-sorting to the washing machine via the dryer to the mangle. The material handling expert offers more than 20 products from Germany to Australia.
autoglide 5 in the laundry


In particular, PMV Fördertechnik lifting travel belts are used in many companies. It can transport loose or pressed laundry from the washing machine to a dryer that is located at a height of several metres. PMV offers the transport trolley for all batch sizes, i.e. single or multiple batches, as a robust and universally applicable modular system.
During a specific Austrian customer project in a laundry centre, two transport trolleys with one laundry load each were supposed to travel on the same route. So, a solution for compact installation space is required.


The autoglide 5 steel cable floor guide is used as a clever solution in the Austrian customer's project. The autoglide 5 is a new energy supply system that does not require a trough on long travels. The autoglide 5 can easily be installed in the aisle on a rope or a profile. It is attractive by its cost-effective price and an 88% shorter installation time of 1.5 days for the energy supply system. This made it possible to design the new energy supply systems for the two lifting travel belts in the shortest possible time.
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How to install the autoglide 5

To install the autoglide 5, the technician only needs the supplied metal rope, which he stretches across the aisle floor with four screws. The energy chain can travel securely on the rope. The underside of the chain links contains a guide element in the middle, which is a sort of channel, so that the energy chain can run directly on the rope. The autoglide elements ensure a wear-resistant and precise rolling motion of the upper run of the chain on the lower run. This system consists of comb-like injection-moulded crossbars that prevent the energy chain from sliding out. This makes it possible to do without a guide trough completely. 
autoglide 5 in the laundry
autoglide 5 in the laundry
autoglide 5 in the laundry

"With this new energy chain solution, I saw the possibility of saving valuable time for this customer", says Baumeister enthusiastically.
"... As this product convinced us, we requested 100 metres of the chain. That way, we were able to realise energy supply solutions for future projects directly from stock", says Jürgen Baumeister.


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