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Chain opener for the E2.1 system

  • Opening of long e-chain sections in one go
  • Opening time reduced by a factor of 16 (from 33 to 2 seconds for a 1 m piece)
  • Versatile assembly tools for the E2.1 series
  • Less force is needed if these tools are used
  • Fast Return on Investment
Descripción del producto
With the e-chain openers, the E2.1 energy chains can be opened by the meter in just a few seconds and dividers and shelves can be inserted easily. Safe guidance with significantly reduced effort and time, at the same time the risk of damage to the opening stays is also minimized.

  • Tech up: Opening of longer e-chain pieces in one go
  • Cost down: reduced opening time of the e-chain from 33 to 2 seconds (section 1 meter)
  • Proof: Reduced assembly time by 94% (compared to screwdriver)
  • Sustainability: Easy repair/replacement of individual parts instead of total replacement of the opener
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