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Chain, cable, connector: ready-to-install energy supply system for SAMAG machine tool

readychain premium equipped with cables and connectors reduces SAMAG's installation time by 2/3

A large material volume, up to 40m/min machining speed, and 5m/s² acceleration. Available in three, four, or five-axis versions, SAMAG's SFZ series long-bed machine tool is designed for high rigidity, strength, and performance. The same requirements also applied to the energy chain. The readychain energy supply system, which is fully equipped with harnessed cables that include connector interfaces, save the customer 2/3 of the installation time and greatly reduces costs.


  • Requirements: high reliability and robustness with chips, cooling lubricants, and high machine performance. Small installation space. Quick, cost-effective assembly of the entire system.
  • What was used:
    E4Q energy chain as a pre-assembled readychain system (readychain premium)
  • Industry: machine tools
  • Success for the customer: After our project team precisely designed the energy supply system for SAMAG, the customer's installation time was reduced by 2/3.
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SAMAG machine tool


The SAMAG SFZ series is a long-bed machine tool developed from the ground up in a moving column design. The Y and Z axes have a travel of 1,000mm. The X travel distance can be selected in four steps and ranges from 2,500mm to 7,500mm. Design focused on high rigidity, strength, and performance, achieving a large material volume. Processing is at up to 40m/min and an acceleration of 5m/s², so cable guidance was needed for all three axes with linear movement that could meet a wide range of requirements. Under environmental conditions typical of industrial production, characterised by chips and cooling lubricants, a long energy supply system service life and reliability had to be guaranteed. Maintenance intervals had to be extended and planning security increased. Since space is always limited in machine tools, the cable guidance system also had to be compact. Finally, the solution had to ensure rapid assembly and thus low organisational costs.


The solution SAMAG found was the e-chains in our pre-assembled E4Q.82 readychain energy chain system. The readychain premium version cable guidance system, which is already fully equipped with cables and connectors, reduced installation time on the machine by about 2/3. To this end, SAMAG gave us all the necessary parameters at the start of the project: the required cables and hoses, their harnessing, the travel distances, space available, etc. This saved the machine specialist not only time, but also organizational effort.
After careful planning by our project team and the contacts from SAMAG Machine Tool GmbH, the first and second prototypes were installed at the customer's site in cooperation with the assembly manager, and optimisations were developed and implemented promptly.
SAMAG machine tool
readychain rack premium energy chain


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