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Fiber optic cables for mechanical engineering

Transfer data quantities quickly and without problems

The technical demands on energy supply systems in machinery and plant construction require cables that work reliably. igus®, Cologne, relies increasingly on glass fiber optic cables in this respect, which permit very high data quantities at the same time as increasing cable lengths. The “chainflex® CFLG.2HG” product family is available with immediate effect as piece goods or with assembled plug connections.

FOC in industrial use

The company MACH4 Automatisierungstechnik in Bochum develops, produces and sells automated medicine storage facilities for pharmacies and hospitals. From the very start, fiber optic cables have been used in the energy supply systems in all the facilities.
In the meantime the CFLG.2HG.MF from igus® has been performing its job without problems in well over 300 facilities for eight years.

Dirk Beils, Managing Director of MACH4:
"The resistance to interference of the FOC against electromagnetic influences and the absolutely reliable data transmission and high data transmission rate play a decisive role here. Added to that is the higher stability of the FOC compared with copper cables. ” The same goes for Durst Phototechnik AG, the worldwide leader in the field of photo printers and large inkjet printers. Assembled igus® fiber optic cables are used in its Austrian plant in Lienz (East Tyrol). Reinhard Schneeberger from the design department: “We are satisfied with this solution. Because this is how we produce the necessary high transfer rates and image data for the respective print heads. “
Fiber optic cables for mechanical engineering Automated medicine storage facilities from MACH4: metal-free fiber optic cables for fast handling applications working reliably in over 300 facilities for eight years.

60,000 kilometers tested

Furthermore, the glass fiber optic cables from the CFLG.2HG Series were tested for two years in igus®'s own e-chain® laboratory. In this case, a distance of 2 m with a bending radius of just 100 mm and a speed of 2.5 m/s was selected. Even after over 30 million movements in the e-chain® – that is 60,000 kilometers – no technically relevant attenuation increases were determined. The end of the test is not yet in sight.
Fiber optic cables for mechanical engineering FOC endurance test at the igus® laboratory: 60,000 kilometers completed in the e-chain® without problems.

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