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Polymer slewing ring ball bearings in the furniture industry

Technical data

  • What was needed: edge roller prior to the banding process
  • Requirements: no need for maintenance or lubrication, low rolling resistance, long service life
  • Material: xirodur B180
  • Industry: furniture industry
  • Customer advantages: lubrication-free, dust-resistant bearings with low rolling resistance, allowing smooth system operation.
For banding feed to the edge banding machine: the system's two servo axes rotate banding material of thicknesses between 0.4mm and 2mm and heights of up to 28mm by 90 degrees, completely automatically, and transport it to the banding feed.  
xiros® slewing ring ball bearings in an edge roller mount
xiros® slewing ring ball bearings in an edge roller mount

The problem:

ISAS GmbH knew it couldn't use conventional metal slewing ring ball bearings for the mechanism for unrolling banding edges. It therefore looked for a solution that requires no external lubrication and has good resistance to dust.

The solution

The xiros® polymer BB-RT-01-60-ES slewing ring ball bearings proved a suitable solution for the banding roller. They ensure smooth system operation and are dust-resistant, durable, cost-effective and maintenance-free.