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Lubrication-free plastic slewing ring ball bearings in a bicycle wash system


What was needed?
Maintenance-free bearing of the washing brushes

Lubrication-free and maintenance-free, durable, corrosion-free, resistant to dirt and alkali

Bicycle industry / washing plants

Success for the customer:
Reduction of downtimes
Bike wash system
Bicycles can be cleaned with this system within a few minutes without much effort. This is pushed through the system and brushes take over the gentle but thorough cleaning with an eco-friendly organic soap. Due to a closed water circuit and multi-stage filter systems, water and operating costs are saved.


The use of conventional metallic ball bearings is out of the question due to the use of soap. The lubricant is washed out in the long run, the ball bearings run dry, and this leads to machine downtime. The metallic bearings in particular rely on external lubricants to ensure smooth operation of the system. The problem was to find a bearing for the washing brushes, which worked perfectly despite the constant presence of dirt and alkali to prevent the aforementioned downtime.


The manufacturer of the system used two xiros slewing ring ball bearings with stainless steel balls to mount the washing brushes. The bearing rings consist of the wear-resistant ball bearing material xirodur B180. This enables lubrication-free operation, low rolling friction and use at temperatures up to 80°C. In addition, the plastic ball bearings are corrosion-free, up to 50% lighter and up to 48% more cost-effective than comparable metallic solutions. A use with soap under water is harmless and increases the service life of the washing system.