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Lubrication-free bearings reduce costs in frying oil filtration equipment

Plain bearings in the filtration device increase the quality of frying oil and work even with hot vapours

Cojinetes libres de mantenimiento en un mezclador

Si durante el proceso el Cojinete está en contacto directo con el producto que tiene que ser fabricado o empaquetado, como es el caso en el mezclador VITO, entonces el material seleccionado debe ser autorizado por la agencia americana FDA. Según las temperaturas exigidas, se puede utilizar los materiales des las series iglidur® A180, A200 ó A500.


  • What was needed: iglidur plain bearings
  • Requirements: All components used are subject to the most stringent requirements with regard to high temperatures and aggressive cleaning agents.
  • Industry: Food industry
  • Success for the customer: Bearings made of the high-performance material iglidur A500 work reliably even under the use of hot steam and cleaning acids.
drylin filtration unit


Food safety is high on the list of priorities in Europe. In the case of frying oil, devices such as the VITO filtration device from SYS Systemfiltration GmbH are used here. As the name already suggests, the particularly compact and mobile VITO device is a system for cleaning frying oil easily and efficiently, thus at least doubling the service life.
All the components used have to meet the highest standards, not only with regard to the high temperatures prevailing there, but also sometimes due to aggressive cleaning agents. A suitable material had to be found for the bearing of the rotor of the filtration device that could meet these requirements.


For the bearings of the rotor, the choice finally fell on plain bearings made of the high-performance material iglidur A500. The bearings are located in the pump module and are directly exposed to the hot oil. Almost everywhere is cleaned with hot steam and also peracetic acids. Machine manufacturers and users from the food, filling and packaging industries therefore require resistance to such substances. In order to do justice to this claim, the values and officially confirmed plain bearing specifications stated in our product catalogue are always preceded by scientific tests with regard to durability. If there is direct contact between the plain bearing and the product to be processed or packaged, as in the case of the VITO for the bearing of the agitator, the requirement for an FDA-approved material certainly determines the selection of the bearing.

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