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Reduce time and costs: Module Connect in automated furniture production


  • What was needed: failover of the automated production line; quick exchange in case of maintenance or malfunction
  • Requirements: savings through optimisation of cable lengths for dynamic movement and fixed installation; central interface
  • Products: readychain® with Conector modular, ready to connect with e-chain® series 14240, chainflex® CF21.UL, CF5, CAPU.A, CF211, CFPE
  • Industry: furniture production; online shop
  • Success for the customer: quick and easy commissioning thanks to central interface. Minimisation of downtimes when servicing is required: ready-to-connect readychain® system can be replaced in two hours.
About the application:
It is a fully automated production system for tailor-made furniture with connected production lines, such as pallet and accessory storage. Customers can configure individual furniture online and order it directly. The high degree of automation helps reduce production and delivery times to a minimum while fulfilling individual customer requirements.
Module Connect in use

The challenge

As part of optimisations subject to process improvements, the central Module Connect interface was added to the existing readychain® solutions. This greatly simplified handling both for commissioning and for service and revision work, and downtimes have been reduced to a minimum.

It was possible to use existing installation space thanks to the flexible modularity. To connect the numerous cables with one another in a way suitable for industrial purposes, four housings from the existing product range, each with four cable inlets and different contact carriers, were used. From the more than 100 different types of the modular range of insulators from the company Harting, we installed among others
  • Pneumatics
  • Power supply with current load range up to 70A
  • Power supply with current load range up to 16A
  • Earth-core
  • Sub-D
igus harnessed the pin side of the Module Connect interface in the factory and then delivered it to the customer after final testing. Experienced igus assembly workers incorporated the other side of the connectors, the socket side of the Module Connect, into the existing system directly on site. Thanks to this service, it was possible to make optimal use of the tight time frame on the construction site. In addition, igus helps minimise possible sources of error and supplies "everything from a single source". 


igus worked out the interface solution and planned the on-site conversion in close cooperation with the customer.

Coordinated components, such as the energy chain, the chainflex® cables, the Module Connect interface as well as processing by specialised employees guarantee perfect interaction and a comprehensive set of solutions for the customer. Thanks to the strongly promoted readychain® solution, the focus is always on the customers and their concerns.

The plug-and-play solution provides the special added value with Module Connect, which means that various individual plug-in points were combined into one central one. The ready-to-connect readychain® system with Module Connect as an overall assembly enables the customer to assemble and replace the entire energy supply system without electrotechnical specialists.
Module Connect in use
Module Connect in use