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Bronze manus® 2019 - Gas ring

Motorists with disabilities benefit from "Darios", a digital gas ring. This allows you to give throttle with your hands at the steering wheel. "Darios 211" consists of over 200 identical parts that slide over the flattened steel ring. These parts are made of iglidur® I3 and are produced in 3D printing. Here the service team of igus® is always available. The main advantage is the lubrication-free application. This is all the more important as the gas ring manufacturer offers a 30-year equipment guarantee.

Steering wheel with gas ring

Steering wheel with gas ring, on which one of more than 200 parts can be seen that is sliding over the steel ring.

technical drawing of one of the 200 parts sliding on the steel ring.

Technical drawing of one of the individual components made of iglidur® material, sliding on the steel ring.

KEMPF, Martine Kempf, Wasselonne, France
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Golden manus® 2019 - Testing unit for pipelines

Developing a robust, reliable and low-maintenance mechanism for cleaning and testing underwater risers and pipelines was the challenge.

Silver manus® 2019 - Sports catamaran

Task was the construction of a mechanical flight control system for a hydrofoil sailing ship. Electronic or hydraulic solutions are only the second choice as they require energy storage and provisioning, to name just a few challenges.

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