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Robust and lightweight polymer bearing technology for use in the Mars rover

In a hostile Martian environment, iglidur and igubal bearings are used.

This robotic vehicle is designed for a very special environment: it will one day be driving on Mars. Therefore it should above all be light and maintenance free, and able to cope with the hot, life-threatening environment on the red planet. The researchers rely on the igubal® clevis-joint yokes and plain bearings from iglidur® G.


  • What was needed: igubal rod end bearings, iglidur G bearings
  • Requirements: Lightweight as well as tough bearing technology was needed, which works without lubrication and maintenance. The bearings have to function reliably under extreme conditions, strongly fluctuating temperatures and high dust levels.
  • Industry: Aerospace
  • Success for the customer: The igubal and iglidur bearings permanently defy the conditions on the surface of Mars. They combine the advantages of lightweight, durability and reliability.
Martian robot


The application is a remote controlled vehicle - a robot equipped with a 6 DoF manipulator, video system and remote measurement system. The rover has been built for environmental conditions similar to those on the surface of Mars. It must fulfil a number of requirements that often contradict each other: Low weight, a tough and enduring structure, flawless function, long periods of use without interruption, compact design and many more. This meant that the suspension arms and steering knuckles also had to meet special challenges. The components had to be very light, and they also had to be able to withstand the exceptionally dusty environmental conditions on Mars, which are also characterised by strong temperature fluctuations. Since maintenance measures are not possible in the field, it must also be as maintenance-free and lubrication-free as possible.


For the high requirements resulting from the application on the surface of Mars, igubal rod end bearings and iglidur G bearings of type F were considered by the researchers as bearing solutions. These were installed in the problem areas connecting the suspension arms and a steering knuckle. They enable the production of a very durable and, above all, lightweight mobile 3-DoF connection that is also resistant to extremely harmful atmospheric conditions. Furthermore, the iglidur G type F bearings were used for the construction of the manipulator and for the bearing assembly of the suspension joints, the most important aspects being the trouble-free performance, less frequent maintenance checks and, above all, a compact and lightweight structure.


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