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Linear drives for automatic order picking by robots in logistics

Magazino relies on igus linear axes, plain bearings and e-chains in its pick-by-robot system

The advantages of mechanical retrieval in modern warehouse logistics are obvious. Thanks to robots that use 3D camera technology and software to identify, pick up and place packages at lightning speed, time and errors in picking can be saved. The automation expert Magazino develops new ideas for precisely these picking systems.
Pick-by-robot systems require linear axes to move the robot, plain bearings and energy chains to guide the cables. In the order picker from Magazino, toothed belt axes of the type drylin ZLW come into play, which have to ensure lightning-fast and smooth movement of the robot. Plain bearings and e-chains also come from our modular system.

User story - At a glance

drylin ZLW linear axis, iglidur J plain bearing, readychain The products used: drylin ZLW linear axes, iglidur J plain bearings, readychain energy chains  
  • What were the requirements? Fast-moving and maintenance-free linear axes, plain bearings and e-chains were required for an automated order picking system
  • Which products were used? drylin ZLW linear axes; iglidur J plain bearings, pre-assembled 'readychain' energy chains
  • What is the benefit for the customer? The drylin ZLW follows the lightning-fast movements of the robot, allows lubrication-free and maintenance-free operation and runs smoothly.
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Magazino pick & place robot This pick & place station identifies packages, picks them up and hands them over to the operator.

User story - in detail

Pick-and-place robots: Inspired by automated picking machines in chemist's shops

State-of-the-art picking systems in chemist's shops no longer have to be cleared by the staff. As with the later dispensing of medicines, this is already done completely automatically. The packaging is tipped into a chute, separated, identified and transported to the intended storage location fully automatically. In 2011, two Munich students were so fascinated by the system that they founded Magazino GmbH, which today develops modern robotic solutions for fully automated order picking: for pharmacies, industry, retail and internet mail order companies. For example, a new pick & place station was developed that independently identifies and picks up heterogeneous packages and can feed them to the operator.
Linear axes The three linear axes of the picking system are equipped with drylin ZLW toothed belt axes.

Technology in detail: this is what the picking robot can do

The system is amazingly versatile. It can, for example, be placed in front of a paternoster warehouse or an automated small parts warehouse and pick the parts requested by the operator from the rack. This also automates the final picking step, the manual picking process. This is made possible by linking a powerful 3D camera with extremely fast linear axes and, very importantly, a smart software that recognises the package, determines the gripping points and controls all movements.

Toothed belt axes for automation in logistics

Our drive technology is used in the three linear axes of the pick and place system. The toothed belt systems of type drylin ZLW 1040 and type drylin ZLW 1080 are used. Since they run on plain bearings made of the high-performance polymer iglidur, they are 100 percent maintenance-free and lubrication-free. The toothed belt ensures quiet operation; the pulley shaft is mounted with two deep groove ball bearings each. With these specifications, the toothed belt axes are ideally suited for the application intended by Magazino. Lukas Zanger, COO & Co-Founder of Magazino: "The axes reach high speeds, they are quiet, meet our accuracy requirements and the price-performance ratio is also right."
ZLW toothed belt axis The new drylin ZLW axes enable high picking speeds with quiet operation.
e-chains Pre-assembled "readychain" energy chains provide the energy supply to the moving axes.

Plain bearings and e-chains are also used

In addition, Magazino extensively uses our plain bearings modular system and also uses the iglidur bearing bushes - not only in the pick & place machine. Another example: for the space-saving storage of small parts, Magazino has developed a carousel-shaped compact storage system with round storage levels. The individual levels with a diameter of 2.50 metres revolve around a main axis with a diameter of 50mm and are each connected to the axis via iglidur J bushings. Here the iglidur bearings literally play a supporting role that they have to fulfil over a long period of time. Lukas Zanger: "As the bearings on the central axis are not accessible, they have to meet very high durability requirements." In addition to the bearings and the linear axes, energy chains from the readychain product range are also used in the handling systems from Magazino. The developers at the start-up company are also closely following the trend towards fully harnessed chains that don't even have to be wired.  Lukas Zanger: "The chain with plug connection that igus recently presented would be the system of choice for us." You can find out more about energy chains with complete plug connection here.

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