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Sliding linear guides ensure compact and thereby highly flexible handling devices

How precision and economic efficiency come together


  • What was needed: drylin® guide systems
  • Requirements: Precision, quick to retrofit, little installation space 
  • Industry: Mechanical engineering
  • Success for the customer: Any length of handling equipment  is permitted and saves expensive maintenance work

The "NTS-Ultra-Speed" handling device from AS-Morawski is suitable for workpieces up to 5 kg maximum and has a cycle time of less than 0.5 s.

Handling device


Rapidly miniaturised products as well as the demand for small production batches require handling devices that operate with high precision and can be quickly retrofitted. However, these should only take up little installation space and must be very powerful. The "NTS-Ultra-Speed" device from AS-Morawski, which is suitable for the most diverse industrial areas, promises a remedy here.


The essential basis here is formed by igus® sliding linear guides, which allow handling devices of any length and thereby save expensive maintenance work. In the handling devices from AS-Morawski, drylin® guide systems of type "R", "W", "T" and "N" can be used.  In contrast to the known recirculating ball bearing systems, the drylin® linear guides from igus® operate on sliding elements. These mostly consist of the material iglidiur® J, which is recommended for most applications due to its coefficient of wear and friction properties. The drylin® linear bearing systems are designed for dry operation. Contamination by grease or oil is now a thing of the past. Ambient dust or abrasion during machining are not bound to the bearing position. Compared with recirculating ball bearings, drylin® guides do not depend on the length of the travel and do not impose any conditions on a minimum stroke length.


drylin® R linear plain bearings

The drylin® R linear plain bearings, which correspond to the dimensions of ball bushings, use shafts as counter partners. Thereby different shaft materials are used. Thus, hard-coated aluminium shafts guarantee low wear and low coefficient of friction. Stainless steel shafts in turn stand for extreme chemical resistance and are recommended for the food and filling industry. Steel shafts made of CF53 offer extremely low coefficients of friction in dry operation at a cost-effective price. Absolutely low-cost guides can be implemented with drawn HR carbon steel shafts in the same way as high-tech products with carbon fibre shafts. drylin® W linear guide systems combine two shafts in one profile made of hard anodised aluminium and give the greatest freedom of design through various shaft diameters, profile widths, carriage lengths and geometries.

drylin® T system

With the drylin® T system, however, the carriages run on a T-rail made of hard anodised aluminium. In installation sizes 15 to 30, you can choose between guide carriages with manual or automatic clearance adjustment. All connection dimensions of the drylin® T series are the same dimensions as most commercially available recirculating ball guide systems. Likewise, the TK-04 miniature guide system, which can be accommodated in even the smallest installation spaces, also runs on a T-profile. drylin® N low-profile linear guides are available in four installation sizes from 17 to 80 mm rail width. The carriages each move in extremely low profile C-profiles made of anodised aluminium.