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Roller energy chain moves 61kg/m cable weight for 900t shipyard crane

Extremely Heavy Duty work on 200m travel: Heavy Duty chain as multiband e-chain® for Goliath crane

For a single girder Goliath crane in 2010, one upper and one lower trolley each were equipped with one of our roller e-chains as well as our chainflex cables. Since one of the two energy chains had to carry a cable weight of 61kg/m, additional chain bands were integrated. They permanently ensure a safe process despite the enormous load.


  • What was needed: Heavy Duty 5050RHD series roller energy chain, chainflex cables
  • Requirements: On approximately 200m of travel, the permanently safe cable guidance with a cable weight of up to 61 kg/m.
  • Industry: Crane industry
  • Success for the customer: The cables have been safely guided since 2010. Thanks to the multiband e-chain®, even the high weight loads do not pose any problems in the application.
Goliath shipyard crane with energy chain This roller energy chain carries a cable weight of 61kg/m. To increase stability, the 5050RHD was therefore reinforced with chain links (multiband e-chain®).


A solution had to be found for the 900t Goliath shipyard crane, which was newly installed in 2010, in order to safely move the large number of cables for supplying the trolleys with power and data. The single girder crane operates with two trolleys. While the lower one carries a cable weight of 32.7kg/m, the crane trolley running on top moves 61kg/m. The greatest challenge was therefore to reliably move the high cable weight over a travel of 200m in the long term and to find a robust guide system for this purpose. The operator was also looking for a solution for the various cables themselves that could be used over the long term as well, in order to be able to rule out costly breakdowns of the crane.


The use of a rolling energy chain is suitable for the long travels and high cable weights. For this reason, we advised the operators to use our Heavy Duty roller energy chain 5050RHD series, which are perfect for large-sized crane systems. The rollers reduce the required drive power for the chain to less than 25% compared to gliding energy chains. Long travels, fast travel speeds and high cable weights can thus be implemented. The cables also come from our chainflex cable assortment. They are specially designed for moving applications and - like our energy chains - tested in our in-house laboratory spread on a 3,800marea indoors and outdoors.
Due to the high cable weights of over 60kg/m, the energy chain is used as a multiband e-chain®, i.e. with additional chain bands for increased strength.
Goliath shipyard crane with energy chain The operator also opted for the 5050RHD roller energy chain for the lower crane trolley. Here it moves a cable weight of 32.7kg/m

Here you can find the products used

Roller energy chain 5050RHD

  • High strength and service life
  • For high fill-weight loads on long travels

chainflex cables

  • Specifically developed for use in moving applications
  • Tested in the endurance test in the in-house laboratory


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