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Lubrication-free plastic energy chain replaces metal cable guidance in steel mill

The previous metal energy chain required lubrication and was susceptible to dust and dirt.

Because the metal chain was constantly damaging the cables in this raw and scrap metal unloading station, causing breakdowns, the operator decided on a new approach. Replacing it with an E4.4 plastic energy chain with specially designed chainflex cables did the trick. There have been no problems to report since 2007. The solution saves time and money.


  • What was needed: E4.4 energy chain, chainflex cables for moving applications
  • Requirements: A lightweight chain system that can cope with the high dust load and does not require lubrication.
  • Industry: Cranes
  • Success for the customer: The E4.4 plastic energy chain combines a modular design with a high degree of robustness and is used without lubrication, requiring no maintenance. Since 2007, the system including chainflex cables has been in use without any problems.
Steel mill energy chain The new E4.4 plastic energy chain has been running without incident since 2007.


In the Mobareaka steel mill, raw and scrap metal are fed into a processing operation to produce new steel. At the unloading station, a metal chain was always used for cable guidance, while the cables themselves were made of rubber and supplemented with the necessary support accessories such as drive rollers or support drums.
But the metal chain caused several problems for the plant operator. The extreme weight, the dust and the contamination with lubricants and oils prompted a search for a new cable guidance concept.
The situation became urgent when the cables became damaged from the chain's sharp edges and the constant exposure to the sun.


The steel mill operator finally decided to replace the metal chain with one of our plastic energy chains. After assessing the installation, we specifically suggested that the customer should use an e-chain from the E4.4 modular system (Series 4040.36.200.0) in combination with chainflex cables specially designed for moving applications (Series CF35.40.04, CF10.15.04, CF9.15.12, CF310.350.01, and CFPE.350.01)
The proven E4.4 energy chain series works particularly well in harsh conditions and long travels due to its robust modular design. It also allows high rigidity and high load. Changing the material to plastic also frees the entire system from grease, making the solution almost maintenance-free. The relationship of the materials of the chain and cables, as well as the experience from similar applications around the world increase the service life of this application in the steelworks and reduce overall costs. We therefore also offer a system guarantee for such applications upon request. 
The improvement was not just on paper: since implementing the system in November 2007, the application has been running without any problems.

Energy chain, old solution The previous metal chain led to repeated cable failure. Various additional devices were necessary for the energy supply systems.

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