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Roller energy chain replaces cable tenders on 900-ton heavy Goliath shipyard crane

High-maintenance cable guidance replaced with robust Heavy Duty energy chains

For this 900t single girder Goliath crane, the operator previously relied on a cable tender system for guidance of the cables to the trolleys. Since the tension on the cables led to high maintenance requirements over time, the decision was made to replace them with an energy chain system. Since then, a Heavy Duty roller energy chain of the 5050RHD series has been in use.


  • What was needed: Heavy Duty 5050RHD series roller energy chain
  • Requirements: A reliable cable guidance was sought for 200m of travel, which would protect the cables in terms of the longest possible service life and would not excessively stress them. 
  • Industry: Crane industry
  • Success for the customer: With the replacement by an e-chain system, the cables are safely guided without being strained. The roller energy chains also reduce the required drive power to less than 25%.
5050RHD roller energy chain on Goliath shipyard crane


On a travel of 200m, two crane trolleys travel on this single girder Goliath crane, which is fed with energy and data. The cable packages required for this achieve a weight of around 28kg/m for the upper trolley and 18.6kg/m for the crane trolley travelling below.
For many years, the operator relied on a line tender to guide and move the cables. However, the stress that arose on the cables during this process led to massive cable failures, which resulted in an increased risk of failure as well as high maintenance costs. Consequently, the shipyard operator decided in 2015 to switch to a new system in order to save costs and time in ongoing operations.


As the shipyard operator had already gained initial experience with our chain systems on other Goliath shipyard cranes, it was an obvious step to also use e-chains from our product range in this case. Due to the long travels and heavy cable weights, rolling energy chain systems should be used with Goliath cranes. The Heavy Duty series roller energy chains 5050RHD installed today minimise the required drive power to less than 25% and are rugged enough to safely and reliably guide all cables. Important advantage here was also that the cables are not strained by excessive stress on the chain and its lifetime increases.
In order to align our products in the best possible way to the requirements on cranes, we test and develop our energy chains and cables in practical tests on our in-house 3,800m2 testing ground.

Cable tender on Goliath shipyard crane
Cable tender on Goliath shipyard crane
Cable tender on Goliath shipyard crane

Here you can find the products used

Roller energy chain 5050RHD

  • High strength and service life
  • For high fill-weight loads on long travels


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