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Prospective carpenters rely on drylin® linear and telescopic rails in furniture



    • What was needed: lubrication-free telescopic guides
    • Requirements: optics, durability, quiet and jolt-free sliding, smooth and maintenance-free motion
    • Industry: carpentry
    • Success for the customer: quick assembly, implementation of extraordinary functions with the help of drylin® linear guides

    As part of a course in machinery at the Cologne Chamber of Trade, prospective carpenters combined Scandinavian looks with industrial design. The task of the 24 trainees of the Bergisch Gladbach Vocational College was to produce a piece of furniture in small batches in only 5 days. The results of this project and the independent construction are a pull-out bedside table and a coffee table with rotating drawer and pull-out opening. The pieces of furniture are not only beautiful to look at, but have a certain quality.
    Piece of furniture: Pull-out with drylin telescopic guide from igus Additional storage space in joinery pieces due to lubrication-free linear guides from igus

    The project for reconstruction: Coffee tables and bedside tables

    In view of the years of good experience with igus, especially with the linear guide systems, the pull-out elements for these pieces of furniture were selected from the igus catalogue. The trainees opted for the anodised aluminium shafts with lubrication-free drylin linear plain bearings, as well as for a drylin NT telescopic rail. They ensure smooth and maintenance-free movement and look stylish too.

    Opening at the touch of a button
    Classic drawers were completely dispensed with in the bedside table, but a concealed storage space was nevertheless included. The cabinet can be opened at the touch of a button, and there is also a small compartment for the user. Here, linear plain bearings – two shafts made of hard anodised aluminium and two linear plain bearings made of tribologically optimised high-performance iglidur® J polymer – were used. Visually, the round shafts merge perfectly with the design of the table. The sliders allow the table to be opened easily, quietly and smoothly. The fast assembly of the linear guides was also impressive.

    Quiet sliding with long extension
    The budding carpenters implemented two particularly remarkable features in the coffee table. It is equipped with a revolving drawer that can be opened with a pressure opener and the table can also be slid out from the middle for extra storage space. The durability and appearance were decisive factors for this pull-out. The drylin telescopic rail NT-35 made of aluminium directly convinced a trainee with its visually appealing anodised aluminium. High-performance polymers are used for the sliding elements. The tribo-polymer enables the guides to glide gently and without jerking. Another relevant advantage is achieved by the omission of rollers in plastic sliders. The incorporated solid lubricants guarantee a completely clean, maintenance-free and pleasantly quiet operation. In addition, no dust or dirt sticks to the rails. The linear and telescopic rails combine functionality and design - ideal for use in furniture.

    Coffee table drawing files and parts list for reconstruction

    Download coffee table files

    Bedside table drawing files and parts list for reconstruction

    Download bedside table files

    More pictures of the application example