Application examples of participants of the manus® competition

En las últimas dos décadas, los Cojinetes de plástico han hecho enormes avances. Hoy, estos avances ofrecen soluciones que reúnen dos nociones opuestas: mejoras técnicas y reducción de costes. El concurso manus® desea recompensar las más audaces aplicaciones con Cojinetes de plástico que resaltan gracias a su eficacidad técnica y económica, su creatividad y sus sorprendentes resultados.
Aquí encontrará algunas de las aplicaciones que nos han sido propuestas.

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In a wide range of industries, solutions are technically improved and costs saved by the use of plastic plain bearings.

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Plain bearing applications from manus® competition of previous years

manus® competition 2015 application examples

manus® competition - Overview of innovative plain bearings applications

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manus® competition - Overview of innovative plain bearings applications

iglidur® plain bearing applications from manus® participants

Machine for frying Spanish omelettes

Gold Award at manus® 2011: Machine for frying Spanish omelettes of Carmelo Lagunas Escudero, Spain

String trimmer-cutting disc

Silver Award at manus® 2011: String trimmer-cutting disc of PRODULEX UNIPESSOAL LDA, Portugal

Plain bearing for finger prosthesis

The bearings machined from iglidur J bar stock are corrosion-resistant and have a low wear rate.

Robot head

Special Award at manus® 2011: Robot Head of Archimedes Solutions GmbH, Germany

Sliding door

The door, which is about 3 metres high and 1.7 metres wide, is supported by a drylin® W linear guide. The good gliding properties allow the door to be moved without any problems.

Sanding machine for wooden barrels: durable guide rails for grinding head

In this grinding machine for wooden barrels, our lubrication-free linear guides and plain bearings guarantee a long service life.


Since temperatures of several hundred degrees Celsius occur here, the pilot must wear fire and heat-resistant clothing. The bearings used also have to withstand the high temperatures and pressures.

Machine for extreme dirt removal

A low-cost linear plain bearing with a long service life was required, which can compensate alignment faults and is as light as possible.

Gritting unit

The screwconveyer of the gritting unit has to be mounted movable in order to compensate axial offset and dynamic movements in the screw.

Melting probe with iglidur® bar stock

A media-resistant bearing for small installation space was manufactured from iglidur bar stock.

Seam recognition sensor

This machine weaves and prints terry cloth hand towels.

High-pressure washer

This high-pressure washer uses a planetary gear box.

Robot arm

This robot arm is so strong that it can use a drill.

Articulated arm

In this case, the design for a 5-axle jointed arm was submitted to the manus® competition.

Bearing technology for Mars robots

This robotic vehicle is designed for a very special environment: it will one day be driving on Mars.

Wood-packaging equipment

This equipment deals with the packaging of wood.

Foam cutter

The cutting wire is moved along the vertical axis by two drylin® ZLW toothed belt shafts.

Excavator seat

igus® plastic plain bearings are used here in the shock absorber of an excavator seat.

Sanitary elements in mobile homes

Here, sanitary elements in the bathroom unit are installed with igus® products.

iglidur plain bearings reduce friction in a folding trailer

The "Tyligo" folding trailer can be used to transport anything. It contains iglidur plain bearings and 16 iglidur thrust washers.

Conversion of the wheel suspension on trikes

This application shows a conversion kit for the suspension in three-wheeled motorcycles.

Car kit

igus® bearings are used for the gear shift linkage.

Maintenance-free shaft guides in doors of high-speed train

At a speed of more than 350 kilometres per hour, these trains will be racing through China as of 2012, connecting Beijing and Shanghai.

Superimposed transmission

In this application, plain bearings made of iglidur® Z replace a ball bearing and a needle bearing in a superimposed transmission.

Bearing technology and energy chains for electric aircraft

To achieve the best flying conditions, all components must be lightweight and at the same time as durable as possible.

Racing bike brake

An extremely light weight is the most important criterion when constructing a racing bike brake.

Pedals for mountain bikes

In this application, metallic ball bearings and DU bushings have been replaced by lighter iglidur® flange bearings.

Dorsal trainer

This equipment is used to train the dorsal muscles. In order to use it comfortably, the base must be adjustable.


When the design was revised, the metal pivoting bearings used so far were replaced by igubal® KGLM pivoting bearings.

Electric golf trolley

Four igubal® pivoting bearings from igus® were tested for the floating axle through the drive, and found to be suitable after several months of tests.

Bicycle frame design

Here, igus® plastic plain bearings have replaced classical roller bearings and stand up to environmental influences such as dirt and corrosion.

Bicycle pedal

The bicycle pedal presented here responds to the ergonomic and biomechanical needs of cyclists.


This design was first used to deal with problems of clearance and friction. With iglidur® G plain bearings, however, these problems were eliminated.

Plain bearing for seat ski carriage

This innovative sledge allows people to ski sitting down. The sledge is steered by the feet and tilted by the hands.

Electric wheelchair

The TopChair-S wheelchair can climb stairs. The iglidur plain bearings are used in the wheels, which easily cope with the high radial forces.

Plain bearing for all-terrain wheelchair

This manus® contribution also shows an exceptional off-road wheelchair, the "Quadrix".

Linear guide for medical body scanners

A compact and maintenance-free drylin T linear guide system is used in this medical body scanner.

Guide rings for knee joint prosthesis

In this prosthesis for pneumatic knee joints, iglidur® J piston rings replace the previously used PTFE guide bands.

Plain and spherical bearings in the prosthetic joint

This joint is a new development to be used in prostheses. iglidur® J plain bearings and igubal® spherical bearings are installed in it.

Linear technology for medication dispensers

This machine removes medications from the original packaging and re-packages them in smaller doses.

Linear guides for adjustment unit

A drylin® T-linear guide is used for adjustment. This easily copes with the cycle rate of 80 cycles per minute.

Linear guides for dental casting machine

The closing mechanism of the medical device is supported with a drylin W profile guide at high temperatures and dirt levels.

Guide rings for ice cream filling system

Wear minimised, piston jamming prevented: iglidur® plain bearings replace O-rings in the filling valve of Big Drum Engineering.

Ham cutter

Raw ham is processed in this machine. Since high hygiene standards apply here, self-lubricating iglidur plain bearings are used, which function reliably even after regular cleaning.

Lubrication-free linear and spherical bearings for baked goods gripper

This gripper picks up freshly baked goods from a conveyer belt and packs them in baskets.

Packing robot

Herb drying

This machine is used for preparing and drying kitchen herbs.


Plain bearings are used, made of iglidur® A500, an FDA-compliant high-temperature material.

Plain and spherical plain bearings withstand strong vibrations in grain sorters

This machine cleans and sorts all types of grain. First the grain is separated from other material by an air current.

User report: food packaging grippers

This gripper takes packaging units from a sealing machine, turn each unit by 90 degrees and arranges them in cartons.


This pagepulltester is a high-precision measuring instrument for the bookbinding industry.

Screen printing machine

Here a drylin® T linear guide is used in a high-performance screen printing machine.


This plotter is an economical solution for printing up to DIN A2 format.

Book digitalisation

This machine can scan books fully automatically, with no human intervention required.

Solar plant

This solar system can be installed either on its own or in combination with a wind turbine.

Hybrid solar system

This solar system can be installed either on its own or in combination with a wind turbine.

Plastic ball bearing for planetary gearbox on wind turbine

xiros ball bearings are used in this plastic planetary gearbox for wind turbines.

Vertical wind turbine

This device uses wind power to generate electricity.

Spherical bearing for solar aeroplane

The prototype of the „Sunseeker Duo“ solar plane is the world‘s first solar-powered two-seater.

Plain bearing for parabolic trough system

This solar thermal power plant also obtains energy from the rays of the sun, without fossil fuels.

Solar cleaning robot

For solar systems to retain their entire performance capacity, they have to be cleaned at regular intervals, particularly in sandy regions.

Wave machine

Since the tank is filled with salt water, the components used may not be susceptible to corrosion.

Model train lift

The trains belonging to this particular model train fan can be driven automatically from the shelf onto the track.

Racing car

The suspension pins in this racing car were previously guided without bearings.

Steam locomotives

These fully functional steam locomotives have been built to a scale of 1:11.

Model train

Model train enthusiasts will enjoy this Rhätische Railway locomotive for a long time to come.

Model excavator

This fully functional hydraulic excavator was copied on a scale of 1:14.5.

Camera dolly 1

This camera dolly is very quiet and easy to adjust. Thereby it allows many variations of movement.

Adjustable arm chairs

the armrests of this chair are adjustable, to accommodate the needs of the individual user.

Flexible roofing

With this system, for example, terraces can be roofed flexibly. The roof is even waterproof in the closed state.

Automatic door opener

This system can be used to convert any door to be opened automatically at the touch of a button.

Camera dolly 2

Another newly developed dolly for camera movement is the subject of this manus® contribution.

Bearings for record players

The main concern when designing the bearing support for this record player turntable was silent and low-vibration movement.

3D camera

With this 3D camera system „3D RIG“, the focus was on ease of movement and maintenance freedom.

Tape storage

This machine manages data back-up tapes. The transport movements inside are guided by drylin® N linear guides.

„Drawer that slides round corners“

This smart application creates more stowage space under the bed.

Adjustable dining table

Are more guests coming than you expected? That‘s no problem with this dining table, because its width can be adjusted to exactly the width you need.

Ergonomic seat mechanism

The use of an igubal® EFSM flange bearing has allowed the development of a maintenance-free and silent seat mechanism element.


No matter how much the sun shines: these sunshades ensure pleasant light conditions within the building.

4D seats

Maintenance-free igubal® pedestal bearings are used in theatre seats; they are noiseless and operate reliably even at high loads.

3D camera

Instead of using expensive 3D cameras, two regular cameras can be mounted on this device so that together they can generate a three-dimensional image.
Further Applications (PDF)


manus® de plata 2007: el Body-Spider de la empresa KOOPERA GmbH

Inspection device

Los Cojinetes soportan de manera fiable, con reducidas fricciones y sin efecto stick-slip, las altas fuerzas radiales de centraje y minimizan a la vez, gracias a su valona, la fricción al nivel del sistema del brazo.

Mesa de calibrado en una máquina sopladora de láminas

Con soluciones tradicionales, durante el proceso de limpieza, el lubricante era lavado o la suciedad era arrastrada en los Cojinetes.

Prótesis de articulación de rodilla

El bienestar del paciente en primer plano - Cómo los Cojinetes de plástico mejoran una articulación de prótesis

Fresadora para tubos de hormigón

La fresadora de hormigón funciona desde hace tres años sin mantenimiento en las condiciones más rudas.

Sistema de elevador

Sistema de elevador extremadamente silencioso para una casa unifamiliar

Banco de pruebas de hermeticidad

Banco de pruebas de hermeticidad para el control de calidad de cambiadores térmicos.


Mezclador para la aplicación en medios líquidos en instalaciones de biogás.

Aparato de manipulación

Las soluciones igus® permiten guiar la pinza manipuladora de manera extremadamente precisa y alcanzar la más alta velocidad en ambas direcciones "X" e "Y".

Distribuidor automático de billetes

Para la remodelación de la guía de la mesa, se dio mucha importancia a la necesidad de encontrar un sistema de Cojinetes y de guías listo para el empleo, económico, robusto y libre de lubricantes.

Capota de descapotable

Despliegue automático de la capota: gracias a la utilización de casquillos con valona que pueden ser calibrados, el juego axial máximo pudo reducirse de 1.5 mm a 0.5 mm.

Unidad de bloqueo

Uno de los elementos determinantes para responder a todas las exigencias fue la combinación de Cojinetes de plástico con valona elástica que permitió el montaje exento de juego del gancho enclavador.

Manipulación de sistemas de suspensión

Manipulación de sistemas de suspensión: desde hace un año aproximadamente, el sistema de montaje para sistemas de suspensión funciona todos los días sin ningún problema.

Fabricación de piezas metálicas fundidas

Desde que se optó por el sistema drylin® W, el equipo funciona sin perturbaciones y sin la mínima interrupción.

Actuador lineal

Actuadores lineales a transmisión por correa dentada: todas las desventajas fueron apartadas por las guías de deslizamiento drylin® WQ.

Control de anillos de fijación

La utilización de carcasas lineales drylin® y de los Cojinetes de deslizamiento iglidur® G listos para montar permiten un movimiento limpio y suave de los pernos de centraje.

Micro proyector para diapositivas

Además, la guía de bolas comportaba considerables restricciones cualitativas relativas al tamaño del juego. Con las guías de deslizamiento miniatura igus® se pudo solucionar el problema de manera ideal y económica.

Body Scanner

El Body Scanner para registrar los parámetros corporales en un sistema de coordenadas.

Pivot arm in joining station

iglidur G flange bearings ensure continuous fluid movement in a pivot arm working in a joining station. No lubrication, no maintenance.

Plain bearing for filling valve in beverage bottling plant

El desafío: la temperatura máxima de funcionamiento es de 140°C y los materiales utilizados deben resistir a todos los detergentes utilizados en el sector de las bebidas.

Prensa de compactación de polvo

En un nuevo mecanismo, los rodamientos de bolas tradicionales fueron reemplazados por Cojinetes de plástico iglidur®.

Robot trepador

El objetivo era mantener el peso de un robot trepador a su más reducido nivel para que el robot sea capaz de desplazarse sobre superficies planas, tales las ventanas, mediante ventosas.

Asiento de oficina

Esta silla de oficina con base giratoria se ajusta automáticamente al peso del usuario.

Plain bearing for resuscitation device

This resuscitation device enables optimal cardiopulmonary resuscitation. More than 30 iglidur bearings meet the high requirements for weight and size.

Máquina para inserción de componentes

Este nuevo tipo de cabezal de colocación (Pick & Place) en autómatas para la inserción de componentes utiliza láminas deslizantes drylin®.

Patineta de carga

En esta patineta de carga, se volvió a diseñar el sistema de dirección utilizando los Cojinetes de polímeros iglidur®.

Soporte de montaje

En esta aplicación se utiliza un plato giratorio de polímeros iglidur®, que justamente se destaca por su reducido peso.

Bearing technology for ultra-light gyrocopters

El iglidur® G es la solución ideal para esta cabeza del rotor. Las hélices sustentadoras giran aproximadamente 400 veces por minuto y efectúan movimientos oscilantes de 30° máx.

Junta cardán

Al contrario de las juntas cardán habituales, la junta cardán presentada aquí no fue construida unicamente para la transmisión de fuerzas de torsión.

Plain bearing for wing model

La dificultad de esta aplicación era que los Cojinetes del módulo iban a ser expuestos al agua como medio de medición.

Máquina de

Si se utilizaran rodamientos, la muy reducida fuerza de fricción implicaría necesariamente un mecanismo tensor o de fuerza opuesta dispendioso.

Procesamiento de billetes de banco

Dispositivo de bloqueo en una máquina para el procesamiento de billetes de banco: la articulación doble permite todos los grados de libertad necesarios y soporta a la vez la fuerza de tracción.

Art over TV - Arte sobre los televisores de pantalla plana

De manera siempre más frecuente, los televisores de pantalla plana son montados en el muro. Pero antes, en esos sitios se colgaba fotos o cuadros. Art over TV combina ambas posibilidades.

Consola de órgano

Las palancas de un órgano deben moverse de la manera más silenciosa y más suave posible.

Soporte para movimientos en 3 direcciones

En esta construcción era necesario ofrecer un sistema de Cojinetes económico, rígido y una resistencia a la contaminación.

Sistema de carga exterior en helicópteros

El sistema innovador de carga exterior para helicópteros requería para su construcción un peso reducido, una fiabilidad extrema y, a la vez, una resistencia a las intemperies así como un funcionamiento libre de mantenimiento.

Disparadora de machos

Cojinetes de plástico en una disparadora de machos.

Amortiguador de bicicleta

Gracias a la utilización de un diseño innovador que muestra como elemento central un único componente de plástico iglidur® RN56, fue posible cumplir con los requisitos técnicos reduciendo considerablemente los costes.

Bearing technology in sports leg prosthesis

Greater flexibility, less bearing clearance and less wear: iglidur plain bearings replace Teflon-coated metal bearings in the Blatchford leg prosthesis

Cadenas de transporte

El elemento nuevo en esta construcción era sobretodo la utilización de Cojinetes iglidur® sobre el contorno exterior de los pernos.

Instalación de serigrafía

La más alta precisión para la coloración gracias a drylin®.

manus® Gold: Low wear and resilient

Low wear and resilient by using polymer plain bearings.

manus® Silver: Secure under high forces

Secure under high forces: maintenance-free plain bearings made of iglidur® Z can withstand extreme loads.

manus® Bronze: Over 170,000 Euro of benefits

Over 170,000 Euro of benefits were able to be achieved by using polymer plain bearings

Screen lifter for large displays

Lifting heavy loads

Fully automatic tire fitting lines

No more expensive repairs

Hot wire cutting machine for Styrofoam parts

Less production complexity

Reduction of recoil on large-calibre long firearms

Precise and ergonomic

Screen facade for primary school

For wind and rain

Thrust washers for thermal shakers

At up to 3,000 revolutions per minute and 99°C, the iglidur thrust washers prevent imbalances and vibrations and ensure high precision.

Linear guides with no stick-slip effect for a CNC-controlled laser cutting system

This laser cutting system for private households was built to be affordable and low-maintenance. drylin linear guides on the X- and Y-axes.

Plain bearing for solar water pump

Durable and cost-effective: this highly energy-efficient water pump for developing countries is equipped with robust iglidur plain bearings.

Tangible sound in the home cinema

Very resilient

Mobile and stationary saw mills

Nothing sticks

Core joining device for casting cylinder heads

The used bearing must be lubricant-free, because silica sand is used here.

Moving Head

The plain bearing used has a low frictional resistance and is low maintenance and lubricant-free.

“Portamobil” assembly aid for door leaves

Can be handled alone

Fixture for flat screens

Simple movement

The Qube - the cocktail machine

Maintenance-free dosing

Self-aligning satellite receiver

Reliable and cheaper

Efficient hardening with ultraviolet radiation

Easy and durable

Bearing technology for helicopter drone

Light and free from play

Chemist prescription printer

Precise and effective

Hand-operated water pump

Resistant to wind and rain

Innovations for sewage works

Saves costs and better

Suspension fork Magura

With igus to victory: iglidur plain bearings in the suspension fork from Magura reduce weight and maintenance.

Bearing for quiet vehicle gear

This application serves on the one hand to improve the shifting comfort and on the other hand to reduce the vibration-induced noise in the driver's cab.

Bearing technology for belt conveyors

Efficient with little installation space: linear and pillow block bearings for automatic storage and retrieval units in high-bay warehouses

Small LED spotlight

Movable and attractive

Pizza machine

Hot and cold

Marine lift for water vehicles for leisure purposes

Corrosion-proof in sea water

Winding machine for carbon fiber spools

No stick-slip

Dining table

Attractive and quiet

Switch plate activation in model construction

Affordable and long-lasting

Adjustable biker's foot rest on motorbike

A drylin W double rail system is installed in this adjustment mechanism for a motorbike footrest, which enables maintenance-free operation even with aggressive media such as salts, dirt and water.

Lowering mechanism for hood ornament

Wear-resistant and secure

Anarkite mountain board

Robust and light

Mooring system for sail and motor yachts

High load capacity and durable

Bearing technology for electric motorised gliders

Robust and vibration-reducing

Controlled horizontal screen for a large planetarium

Economical even when exposed to heat

Eccentric for toothed belt tension

Simple but robust

Water turbine for power generation

Cost-saving and efficient

Cleaning robot

Light and clean

Student project "PLC laboratory"

High positioning accuracy

Bipod for sports firearm

Maintenance-free and resilient

Robot for recovery and inspection work

Resistant and long-lasting: