iglidur® tribo-tape liner application examples

igus® plain bearings in bottling plants

Küppersbusch GmbH manufactures customer-specific beverage filling systems with igus® bearing technology.

Long-distance races with tribo-tape

Low-friction tribo-tape improves reliability during long-distance races

Transport technology pharmaceutical industry

In this pharmaceutical plant, plastic spray bottles are guided smoothly from a turntable onto a conveyor belt with the aid of tribo-tape liner.

Pit saw for insulation materials

Maintenance-free bearings from the igus® construction kit simplify operation of a pit saw for insulation materials.


This scanner enables the automatic book scanning for use in various African countries.

Space travel

The Bronze manus® 2017: this system is a new ejection mechanism for space travel.

Sensor systems

This system checks bottles individually on a belt and sorts out bad products.

Wear-resistant 3D cable guidance in stretch-bending machine in the tightest of spaces

Flexible energy tubes in this machine tool, together with a tribo-tape liner, ensure low-friction media guidance.

Further applications