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Various movement mechanisms integrated in one component.

Actuators and control module are decoupled from tools - For humanoid robots and easy automation

Polymer specialist igus® offers robot developers and laboratories a light weight, maintenance and corrosion-free range of connection of joints. For example, humanoid systems, general lightweight construction, handling/automation and camera tripods. The plastic joints can rotate and pivot freely (draw-wire technology, 4 cords per joint). The pneumatic, hydraulic and all data cables are laid through the aluminum/carbon fiber/plastic articulated arms to reliably control the sensors and sensory organs.
No expensive milling, no cutting, no tinkering, no fiddling any more – all custom made ​​from one source!

Moving mass is reduced to the minimum

The actuators (engines, pneumatics and hydraulics) and the control module (DP, PC) are seperate to the movement nor and tools

All heavy components can now be bundled centrally and only the light plastic skeletal part can be moved!
Thereby the individual degrees of freedom can be controlled individually.

In video:

Multiple-axis joint - Pivot AND turn

Driven by sinews (or ropes), thereby freely selectable drive technology


The modular igus® kit for humanoid robots covers:

Joints, made ​​of plastic, can be configured and extended any which way

Link arms in several lengths, styles and dimensions, including space for additional control cables

Towing ropes made of technical synthetic fiber

igus® drive unit - Connection to drive and control units

Tools (functional units), such as gripper, shovel, hook, suction cup, paddle, camera, etc., are self-adaptable as you like!

With the plastic skeletal part, various humanoid robot configurations can be constructed: Articulated arm, movable excavator arm, "paddle boats", quadrupeds, etc.

Inspiration bionics – like muscles, bones and sinews for human beings.

Force transmission is dimensioned for a pure tensile load. Pressure is converted to tensile forces which leads to very light and dedicate designs. The forces are exclusively transmitted via working rope wires (“sinews”). These rope wires made of artificial fibres are high-tensile, have a small expansion, are chemical resistant, lubrication-free and have almost no wear. Compared to steel they are – in addition to wear and friction related advantages – lower priced and more energy-efficient due to their light weight. Underwater use is also possible.

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