Maintenance-free bearings in confined installation space in rolling machine for lorry mudguards

In this rolling machine, linear bearings and plain bearings operate with high precision and entirely without maintenance

Ingenieria Herma S.A. uses our plain and linear bearing technology in a rolling machine for aluminium profiles. The company produces fenders for trailer and lorry wheels for the automotive industry. The original pressure roller lifting system was very rudimentary: conventional steel bearings had been installed, and they were not precise in their function and had to be lubricated regularly. drylin W single rails and iglidur Z plain bearings deliver positive results.


  • What was needed: drylin W single rails, iglidur Z plain bearings
  • Requirements: Maintenance-free bearings that can be used in the small installation space available and operate reliably, despite the large quantities of dust in the plant
  • Industry: Automotive industry
  • Success for the customer: drylin and iglidur bearing technology works completely without lubricant and with high precision in the rolling machine. This has a positive effect on product quality. Service life is increased thanks to the absence of lubricants, dust can no longer adhere to the system 
Rolling machine


This rolling machine processes aluminium profiles for the automotive industry. The end product is used as mudguards for trailer and lorry wheels. Plain bearings are used in the pressure roller lifting system. The system used to use steel bearings, but they required a great deal of maintenance. They had to be lubricated regularly and were not precise enough. The linear bearings in the machine for raising and lowering the roller were also to be replaced. Special challenges were the limited installation space available in the system for the components and large amounts of dust. In the old system, dust settled on the lubricants, making regular maintenance necessary.


The company used a combination of drylin W single rails as linear bearings and flanged iglidur Z plain bearings to address all issues and concerns.
The previous application's main problem was the steel linear technology. The linear plain bearings from the drylin range, operate without lubricants and require no maintenance at all. This not only makes them insensitive to the large amounts of dust in the plant, but also allows them to work with greater precision. As damage to the products is avoided, product quality is improved. The ball bearings from the iglidur range also operate without maintenance, eliminating the clearance of the previous steel bearings.

Rolling machine
Rolling machine