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Winners of the 10th manus® competition for plastic plain bearing applications

We received more than 582 exciting and unique entries from 41 countries. From corrosion-free plain bearings in electric pedal boats and maintenance-free linear bearings in banana cutting machines to lubrication-free and tough heavy-duty bearings in heavy vehicles.
The jury consisted of representatives from specialist press as well as industry and economy experts, and was once more spoilt for choice. Together, the four winners were selected in a multi-stage voting process at the beginning of March. This year, a green manus award will be given to a sustainable project for the first time.

Golden manus - tracked vehicle

Reliably through mud, sludge and mire

Transporting drill assemblies, cranes, lifting platforms and excavators through tough terrain is the task of the PowerBully tracked vehicle made by Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG, based in Laupheim.

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iglidur plain bearings in the tracked vehicle

Silver manus - felling wedge

More safety through remote control

The last few dry years have made it increasingly dangerous to fell trees with a hammer and wedge. Dead branches fall at the slightest impact. Forstreich, a company based in Freiburg, Germany, has therefore developed a radio-controlled, battery-driven felling wedge.

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iglidur plain bearings in felling wedge

Bronze manus - sun protection fins

No motor necessary

Arcora, a French company, is developing a system for moving sun protection fins on facades. The developers use a shape memory alloy for this purpose. The alloy of nickel and titanium is used in the form of cables which, when heated, are capable of generating significant forces to set a translational carriage in motion.

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iglidur plain bearings in sun protection fins

Green manus - electric rubbish bin

Intelligent rubbish bin signals fill level

The Finnish company Finbin is developing a rubbish bin that compacts waste with the help of solar energy. The unique system significantly reduces both operating costs and the ecological footprint. The patented technology ensures that the waste is compressed in a ratio of 6:1.

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iglidur plain bearings in electric rubbish bin

All applications from manus 2021

The manus competition awards innovative and bold applications with plastic bearings, which distinguish themselves through technical and economic efficiency, creativity and surprising results. There were quite a few of them again this year. We received 582 entries from around the world for the 10th manus. In our PDF, you can take a look at all these applications.

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The award ceremony of the manus® award 2021

The winners of the 9th manus competition

manus gold

Cleaning and testing unit

Cleaning and testing unit

Gold at manus 2019: a robust, reliable and low-maintenance mechanism for cleaning and testing underwater risers and pipelines

manus silver

Sports catamaran

Sports catamaran

Silver at manus 2019: the "iFLY15" sports catamaran lifts itself completely out of the water on hydrofoils.

manus bronze

Gas ring

Gas ring

Bronze at manus 2019: the digital gas ring "Darios" allows you to accelerate with your hands on the steering wheel.