Sanding machine for wooden barrels: durable guide rails for grinding head

In this grinding machine for wooden barrels, the guidances and bearings guarantee a long service life

The head sections for large wooden wine barrels are sanded in this machine. drylin® T-rail guides are used to position the grinding heads. drylin® W profile guides control the movement of the brushes and the sliding doors. Further pivoting movements are carried out with iglidur® G flange bearings. All igus® products used are maintenance- free, giving the machine a long service-life.


  • What was needed: Linear profile guides from the drylin product range, iglidur plain bearings
  • Requirements: Simple and quick maintenance, longest possible intervals between maintenance work
  • Industry: Mechanical engineering, wooden barrel construction
  • Success for the customer: Linear rail systems and plastic plain bearings are completely maintenance-free and lubrication-free and guarantee the company exceptionally long service life of the machines.
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At the company Cabinet D'etudes Techniques Robert in Chermignac, France, the headboards for large wooden wine barrels with a capacity of 225 to 400 litres are ground to shape in a special design. 
Various elements such as the sliding doors, the grinding heads and brushes in this automatic grinding machine from the barrel manufacturer Taransaud have to perform linear as well as pivoting movements.
The company was looking for an automated solution that worked without an operator during the work cycle. In addition, the linear and bearing components had to be as easy and quick to maintain as possible, with the intervals between maintenance cycles kept as long as possible.


The developer of the machine, the drum construction company Taransaud, finally decided on the igus product range for the components used.
Today, linear profile guides from the drylin product range, more precisely drylin T rail guides and drylin W-profile guides, are used for positioning the grinding heads, for the travel of the sliding doors of the system as well as for guiding the brushes. All other pivoting movements are ensured by iglidur G fixed flange bearings from igus.
The linear rail systems and plastic plain bearings from igus are characterised by their freedom from maintenance and lubrication and thus guarantee the company exceptionally long service life for the machines.

drylin profile guides
drylin profile guides