The large igus® the-chain test lab

Reducing costs while guaranteeing the highest possible process reliability: only those who invest considerable resources in testing and research, such as igus®, can successfully address these competing requirements. In the industry's largest test laboratory, more than 10 million test cycles are carried out every year at 180 testing stations with e-chains® and chainflex® cables.
Our mechanical engineering components pass the "litmus test" presented by production reality, because they have already passed this test before they ever leave the igus® warehouse.
4,100 energy chain system tests annually at 180 test stations: climate chamber, outdoor tests, noise chamber, travel lengths up to 130m, robot systems etc.
energy chain® and cable test lab Better products, but more affordable – a key ingredient: igus® research and development.

View of the igus® test laboratory

Leak test in the chip drum
Endurance tests of moving cables
Media-resistance tests of e-chains® and cables
Cold tests in climatic test cabinets as low as -40°C
Test of tribological properties of the bearings
View of the e-chainsystems® test laboratory
Bending/breakage tests of e-chains®

Details of current tests

Cable wear virtually halved

Interior separation in e-chains®: Cable wear virtually halved under the toughest conditions.

Comparison of unsupported length

How does the unsupported length of the igus® e-chains® Series E2.15 and 08 differ under load?

Comparison test: E4.42, E4.48L and 3500

e-chain comparison test: E.4.42, E4.48L and 3500

e-chain® series E6.1 is extremely quiet

e-chain® series E6.1 is extremely quiet

e-tube R4.38L

igus® plastic e-tube R4.38L vs. competitor's closed energy chain made of metal

igus® locks

74% stronger cross bars with igus® locks

Lighter energy chain with less sag

Lighter energy chain with less sag

Noise test

Noise testing on P4 profile roller e-chain®

Offshore comparison test

Offshore energy chain for use on the seabed

Oil test with e-chains®

Ranging from metal chips to wood dust and fluids: we have the right solution for your energy supply system.

Prueba nº 2233 - CF5.10.25 cable de control

CF5.10.25 cable de control resiste 42 millones de carreras con un radio de flexión de 100 mm.

Pruebas para sala blanca

Pruebas y test para salas blancas: prueba preliminar de "sala blanca" en el propio laboratorio de igus®

Rigid mounting brackets

Absorption of maximum bending torque on rigid mounting brackets, so that these function reliably even when exposed to lateral acceleration.

Series P4

Series P4 - endurance runner for long travels at high speeds.

Tensile and breaking test of the largest plastic e-chain®

The standard test machines are not strong enough to break the E4.350.

Tensile testing with energy chains in oil

Tensile testing with energy chains in oil

Test of E4.48L in comparison with competitor's product

igus® E4.48L and a competitor's product are tested with regard to unsupported length as well as tensile strength and resistance to breakage.

Test of e-chain® E4

chainflex® cables show no wear even after 222,776 cycles

Test report - e-spool®

The requirements regarding the permissible volume of noise produced by moving products in the stage area are very high.

What else is tested in the test laboratory?

In the igus® test lab, thorough examination is performed not only for the e-chain® components. iglidur® plain bearings, chainflex® cables, drylin® linear plain bearings and axes, lead screw systems and robolink® components are tested thoroughly as well.