Fail-safe and economical bearings in centrifuge reduce costs by 93%

In this laboratory device, the metal bearings were replaced by wear-optimised iglidur plain bearings.

This medical device uses centrifugation to separate and concentrate components of the blood. The tubes in which the blood is stored during the process were supported with metal bearings. Because metal bearings led to wear and tear and high maintenance, a new solution had to be found quickly. Today, iglidur plain bearings meet this challenge. They are durable, low-noise and maintenance-free.


  • What was needed: iglidur G300 plastic plain bearing
  • Requirements: The metal bearings used previously jammed and quickly wore out. The new bearings therefore had to run smoothly with low wear and noise.
  • Industry: medical equipment
  • Success for the customer: iglidur bearings reduced installation time and completely eliminated maintenance for the end customer. They also significantly reduced costs (by 93%).
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"The biggest item was the hidden costs. The fact that no customers called to say that their machine was making strange noises was priceless ... iglidur bearings are a designer's dream. They solved our problem and cost less."

Mechanical engineer at a manufacturing company


This medical device is a decanter centrifuge. It is used to separate the components of the patient's blood, concentrating parts of it so that it can be used during surgery. Oscillating tubes mounted on a rotor automatically separate the different blood proteins. The tubes oscillate, using centrifugal force to align themselves.
Previously, metal bearings and stainless steel shafts were used to ensure that the tubes oscillate smoothly and are securely supported. But they wore out, jammed and began to squeak. This wasn't acceptable in this environment. The devices are used in a medical environment requiring a minimum noise level.


For a quick solution for the end customer, the manufacturer sent pen-sized tubes to all customers with instructions on how to apply lubricant to fix the problem. This meant significant costs and created a new problem. The new process was dirt and oil. This attracted dust and dirt into the axle area.
The ideal solution was quickly found- the metal bearings were replaced with iglidur G300 plastic bearings. Significant costs were reduced immediately. iglidur bearings require standard machining tolerances, while metal requires precise machining and finishing. In addition to the rotating surface, iglidur also offers a lateral bearing surface.
The company reduced costs by 93%. Assembly times were reduced by ten minutes. The customer was not happy about having to perform maintenance and this was completely eliminated.

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