Wire bending technology


  • What was required: plain bearings for a load of approx. 170,000 strokes at 3mm per day
  • Manufacturing process: bar stocks
  • Requirements: no wear, large contact surface
  • Material: iglidur bar stocks
  • Sector: manufacturing industry
  • Success for the customer: higher cyclic output with fewer strokes
Rotary transfer machine with press
SPEEDMAX is a revolutionary innovation: by combining two well-tested bending technologies in a newly developed machine, speed, set-up time, variability and energy efficiency are significantly optimised. The machine can produce up to 200 parts with up to 20 bending processes per piece within one minute. The technical challenge: extremely high cyclic output at minimal strokes. At some positions, the load reaches values of approximately 170,000 strokes at 3mm each per day. Glide bars mounted on ball bearings wear within the shortest time in this application. SPEEDMAX is designed as rotary transfer machine, and about 90 servo-electrical drives are installed. Plastic bearings from igus® are mounted at 18 different positions in this plant. They are located at all linear adjustable aggregates, such as finger benders, presses and the output. Additionally, plates made of iglidur® bar stocks are installed – some plain bearings with a larger contact surface have been manufactured.

Schmale Maschinenbau GmbH, Jörg Kiesow, Altena, Germany

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