Small, compact and complete CAD/CAM milling machines that are very simple to handle and that do not require special skills of CAD or CAM technology. In the “Rapid Prototyping Process”, the goal of the machines is to be able to quickly and precisely manufacture electrical and mechanical prototypes or devices in a simple way but with professional quality. The series of 2D up to 3D capable working stations with “real-time visualization” has been developed for the industry, research and development laboratories, schools, craftsman and do-it-yourselfers. Several products from the range of drylin® linear technology are installed: 15 to 17 drylin® miniature guides, drylin® threaded nuts with pre-tension as well as simple support bearings with drylin® sliding foils for precise feed of the x- and y-axes. This is a very flexible solution, which can be optimally adapted to the technical requirements – and which simultaneously reduced the costs for the production process about 45%.
Mortising machine

Ing.- Büro G. Kohlbecker, Günter Kohlbecker, Raubling, Germany

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