Quickly installed energy supply systems in a Waldrich Coburg gantry milling machine

Pre-assembled energy chains saved several weeks of assembly time for quick commissioning

Waldrich Coburg sets the highest standards for quality, which is reflected in the various gantry milling machines, vertical lathes and grinding machines for its customers. For the plant manufacturer's new "ValuTec" gantry milling machine, the company opted for igus' product and consulting expertise.


  • What was needed: readychain harnessed energy chain
  • Requirements: short assembly times, everything from one source, uncomplicated project implementation
  • Industry: machine tool manufacturing
  • Success for the customer: the company gets everything from one source and directly from the manufacturer with pre-assembled readychain energy supply systems. The number of suppliers and orders could be reduced to a minimum with readychain
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Portal milling machine


The Waldrich Coburg company specialises in the construction of gantry milling machines, vertical lathes and grinding machines and stands for high-quality systems.
Due to the size and complexity of the machines in the field of special mechanical engineering, where everything revolves around turning, milling and grinding, and this in the most varied machine sizes, Waldrich has always adapted its machines individually to the machining situation of the customer. That costs a lot of time and money. This is why the company decided to build a gantry milling machine in just one configuration - ValuTec.
For the new gantry milling machine, the installation time was just under three weeks. Due to their size and complexity, usually assembly times of three months and more are common for Waldrich Coburg machines. Of course, this reduction can only work with the right conditions and the right suppliers.


For the ValuTec milling machine, Waldrich Coburg is using pre-assembled readychain energy supply systems from igus. In addition to the energy chain, Waldrich also includes the chainflex single cables and the guide troughs in which the energy supply systems travel.
The energy supply system used in the milling machine consists of more than 8,000 individual parts, which had to be assembled at the right time and delivered on schedule. igus took over the procurement of all the necessary individual parts for the customer, right up to the delivery of the ready-to-install energy supply system. This made the costs transparent for Waldrich Coburg.
Whereas the machine builder previously had one supplier for each individual part, the chain, the cables and the hose systems with the corresponding logistical effort, Waldrich Coburg gets everything from a single source with pre-assembled readychain energy supply systems - straight from the manufacturer. Another advantage is the single point of contact at igus instead of many different contacts to deal with when such a large project is implemented. The system responsibility lies entirely with igus.

readychain complete system in portal milling machine

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