Temperatures, oil, abrasive powders: energy chains for ROMI machining centres

In the plants run by ROMI, a Brazilian manufacturer, our readychain ensures safe cable management

ROMI, the market leader in the Brazilian machinery and equipment industry, is renowned worldwide for its high-tech products, and demands from its suppliers high technical performance, quality and solutions with the best price-performance ratio. igus has been supplying the machine manufacturer for 15 years and, as a reliable partner of ROMI, meets the challenges of the demanding market.


  • What was needed: Chains of the series E2/00, chains of the series E4.1Lchainflex cables
  • Requirements: Reliable energy supply for machining centre, high travel speed, small installation space, easy maintenance, components resistant to high temperatures, oils and grinding powders.
  • Industry: Machine tool manufacturing
  • Success for the customer: Pre-assembled readychain systems reduce assembly time and simplify maintenance
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readychain in ROMI machining centre Douglas Pedro de Alcântara, Product Development Manager - Machine-tools and the new ROMI DCM 620-5X Hybrid Vertical Machining Centre.


Currently, Romi's portfolio is composed of various machine tools, such as turning centres, CNC machining centres and milling machines.  The customers come from the most diverse areas such as aviation technology, agricultural machinery and automotive industry as well as consumer goods production.
With the new "ROMI DCM 620-5X Hybrid Vertical" Machining Centre, which was first presented in Brazil in 2017, the company aims to meet the constant demand of the Brazilian industry for solutions that increase productivity and efficiency. The plant combines machining operations and additive manufacturing (3D metallic printing) and allows the addition of various materials in complex profiles.
The special challenges in the application: The energy supply system must be able to cope with demanding movements, high travel speeds, a high number of cycles and shocks and friction on a wide variety of surfaces. And all this in combination with limited installation space. Accordingly, the design engineers at ROMI were looking for such an energy supply system that could also cope with the high loads in the system over a long period of time.  Last but not least, the constant contact with oils and grinding powders in the area of machining and coating of the system, as well as the high temperatures, are also factors that put additional stress on the future components.


Two e-chains from igus are used in the machining and coating area of the plant. They work reliably there despite contact with oils and grinding powders as well as high temperatures. They ensure the safe guidance of the chainflex cables specially designed for moving applications.
In the ROMI GL240 gantry loader, e-chain systems from igus also ensure reliable cable management. This application is an automation system for loading and unloading workpieces in ROMI machining centres. These are characterised by high travel speeds in combination with limited installation space. Therefore, the customer specifically chose the energy chains of the series E2/000. They have a high strength and crossbars openable on both sides. This makes it easier to insert or replace the cables, which considerably simplifies and shortens installation or maintenance.
The machine tool manufacturer also uses energy chains from igus in the latest generation of its ROMI D vertical machining centres.  They are used for the movement of the X, Y and Z axes. In the X and Y-axis of the systems, different energy chains of the E2 family guide cables and hoses. In addition, an E4.1L series chain is used on the Z-axis. It combines strength and easy accessibility. The rounded edges of the crossbars and separators of the chain also ensure a long service life of hoses and cables. In addition, the crossbars can be easily opened, which significantly shortens the assembly time.

triflex® R chain A multi-axis triflex® R chain is used to enable head movement in different directions.
Energy chains The e-chains® of the E2/000 series have crossbars openable from both sides, which makes assembly much easier.
Energy chains Easy to use for high dynamics and numbers of cycles: The e-chains® from the E2 family reliably guide cables and hoses on the X-axis of the new vertical machining centres.
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