Safe energy supply to STS crane at Rotterdam port under continuous operation

Roller energy chain travels over 100 metres on a gigantic bridge crane

A P4.1 series roller energy chain is in operation at the Port of Rotterdam, one of the largest bulk handling ports in Western Europe. On the ship-to-shore crane, it operates continuously over 100 metre travel and without incident. So far it has completed more than 9,000 operating hours.


  • What was needed: Roller energy chain P4.1
  • Requirements: Long travel with high cable weight, able to work under continuous operation, fast travel speeds and accelerations
  • Industry: STS crane
  • Success for the customer: The roller energy chain has been moving smoothly over 100 meter long travels since 2015. So far, 9,000 operating hours have been completed.
STS crane The ship-to-shore crane is located at EMO B.V. in Rotterdam, one of the largest bulk handling ports in Western Europe.


In the crane industry, special requirements apply when it comes to guiding the large number of different cables with energy and data to the crane trolley. It is a demanding continuous daily operation, 24 hours a day,seven days a week, that is a great challenge for the cables and chain. High travel speeds and accelerations as well as adverse weather conditions are also factors that require a well-planned solution.
For a ship-to-shore crane at EMO B.V. in Rotterdam the planners were looking for a suitable cable guidance solution for precisely this scenario. The requirements: With a trolley travel of over 100 metres, a travel speed of up to 4 metres per second as well as over 50kg/m fill weight, a robust and reliable energy supply was required.


Since the end of 2015, the large P41.80Ri roller energy chain, has been performing well. This demanding crane application was specifically selected to thoroughly test the P4.1. With its tribologically optimised iglidur® plain bearings in the pin/bore connection of the chain links, friction is reduced. Today, the energy chain has already completed over 9,000 operating hours and has long since proven its advantages.
Through our constant development, from the single integrated roller in the chain link, and the split P4 roller, up to a P4.1 roller e-chain equipped with a tribo-bearing (can be equipped optionally with the smart i.Sense condition monitoring system), the limits have been pushed further and the service life of the energy chain system has been significantly increased.

Roller energy chain P4.1 The P4.1 roller energy chain proves its worth on travels over 100 metres.
P4.1 energy chain The energy chain can be equipped with intelligent i.Sense condition monitoring systems for even greater safety.