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Sun protection slats with maintenance-free bearings

A total  of 1026 sun protection slats were installed in the E.ON technical centre in Salzgitter.  The used sun protection system consists of many slats and is used on both private and public buildings, which are equipped with an energy-saving and architecturally sophisticated double facade.  
The individual slats made of expanded metal are positioned vertically and are electrically driven. With an angle of inclination of approx. 50°, they offer optimum sun protection with a good view outside.  By using the robust iglidur J plastic plain bearings, the slats can also be adjusted almost silently.  
Since the plain bearing material contains incorporated solid lubricants, no additional lubricants are required for the bearing points to ensure the function of the system.  Thus the use of iglidur plain bearings results in a further advantage: The bearing points require no maintenance.   


The sun protection slats must be easy to adjust and maintenance-free.  Furthermore, their weight plays an important role.  The more weight has to be held or moved, the more stable and larger the construction behind it must be.  


The maintenance-free iglidur J plain bearings offer a very good coefficient of friction for easy adjustment and also require only a relatively small installation space.  Due to the sporadic adjustment of the slats, no maintenance interval is currently required. 

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