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Snowboard-like appliance

This is a new discovery for an appliance for alpine downhill on snow. It is ridden similar to a snowboard, but uses two skis instead of a single board to move through the snow. The aim is to increase the performance, whilst at the same time reducing the tiredness of the skiers. iglidur® J bearings are used in the steering connection for axially controlled movements. It had to be small and light, but be strong enough to withstand the heavy wear from skiing and the harsh, cold, wet surrounding conditions. An additional degree of freedom is required for the skis to follow the contours of the terrain. The igubal® ball rod end bearings enable the PedSled to retain its parallel function, whilst a non-parallel alignment of the skis is not possible.
The benefits of iglidur® and igubal® are:

Suitable for use in wet conditions

Low profile provides enough space to use an aluminium tube with a large diameter, whilst at the same time there is still sufficient stiffness and strength

The light weight maximizes the maneuverability

The low costs allow a competitive price on the market

Snowboard-like appliance

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