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Improve technology and reduce costs -
350 examples for drylin® linear plain bearings online

For years the igus® motto has been "plastics for longer life®". By this we mean the production of innovative plastic products which reduce maintenance work, achieve technical improvements, at the same time as reducing costs and increasing service life, everything delivered immediately from stock.

Use drylin® linear guide systems to improve the technology of your application and save at least 25% of costs (40-50% often possible)

7 out of 350 practical examples
Fresadora para tubos de hormigón  
Trouble-free operation instead of shaft destruction
Reiner Oberle, Haas Maschinenbau GmbH

"The machine has now run entirely free of troubles for over three years despite the extremely heavy-duty operation."

Distribuidor automático de billetes  
Cost-effective, durable and lubricant-free bearing
Dr.-Ing. Gert Fuhrmann / Hans-Georg Löseke

"In the redesigning of the table guidance, the focus was on a ready-to-install, cost-efficient, durable and lubricant-free bearing and guide. "

Instalación de serigrafía  
1.5 years in dirt, dust and humidity
Carlos Pio dos Reis

"Even after one and a half years of operation, the carriage and rails in this screen printer are in good order and condition."

Banco de pruebas de hermeticidad  
drylin® also proves itself under water
Michael Zimmermann, Möve-Metall GmbH

"The facility has already been in operation for many months; the igus® elements have proved themselves. ”

Sierra circular  
Reduced manufacturing complexity
Raimann Holzoptimierung

"The dirt and dust problem was likewise solved by the drylin® linear plain bearings..."

Sistema de tope  
Insensitive to glass chippings

"The absence of lubrication on the guide means that no glass dust can attach itself..."

Aserraderos móviles o fijos  
Use in the roughest environments
Manfred Rosam, SERRA Maschinenbau GmbH

"For some years, we have been increasingly using plastic plain bearings in many points in our saw mills. They prove themselves in the roughest working conditions..."

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