Lathe and grinder with durable energy chains: top condition after nine years

Status after nine years: energy chain under aggressive conditions in machine tools

The machine builder Kaspar Walter GmbH & Co. KG builds plants for electroplating as well as machines for surface finishing, always using state-of-the-art technology. This also applies to the internal components, which at the same time have to withstand the highest demands such as continuous stress due to long operating times as well as aggressive environmental conditions. Today, various energy chains from igus are used in the turning and grinding machines of the machine manufacturer, some of which have been working there for more than nine years like on the first day.


  • What was needed: readychains of series 38 and 39, consisting of energy chains and chainflex cables
  • Requirements: High mechanical stress due to continuous operation of the plant, high humidity and aggressive chemicals in the air
  • Industry: Machine tool manufacturing
  • Success for the customer: Pre-assembled energy supply systems facilitate and reduce the time for installation on site and permanently withstand the aggressive environmental conditions, even after more than 9 years under continuous load
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readychain From simple energy chain systems with inserted flexible chainflex® cables up to complex systems, the readychains® are harnessed according to customer specifications.


The company Kaspar Walter GmbH & CO. KG designs and manufactures state-of-the-art galvanising plants and machines for the surface finishing of cylinders. The machine builder in Krailing near Munich was looking for cables for these purposes - such as for its turning and grinding machines - as well as cable guides for energy supply.
However, the company's plants have special requirements for the components.  The mechanical stress on all components, but particularly on the energy supply systems, is particularly high. The reason for this is the uninterrupted use of the machines, as work is carried out on them seven days a week in three day shifts, virtually in continuous operation. Over time, this results in an enormously high number of cycles, which the energy supply systems must always cope with without any problems. In addition, there are aggressive environmental conditions that can have a damaging effect on the components over time. These are particularly evident in very high humidity, which can also expose the system components more easily to harmful chemicals.


For at least 15 years now, energy supply systems from igus have been used at Kaspar Walter GmbH & Co. KG, where different chain types in open or closed form have been installed. In addition to ESD models, completely pre-assembled energy supply systems, so-called readychains, are now also used.  The igus e-chains are made of extremely insensitive plastic that withstands even the most extreme conditions.
In the turning and grinding machines, seven energy supply systems are used, including two readychains. Six move axes, one the control panel. For the tool holder, the decision was made in favour of readychains right from the start. The travel speed of the tool axis is approx. 9 m/min, the travel approx. 2.5 m. Based on the positive experience, the next step was to equip the mobile control panel with the pre-assembled version.
After nine years, a turning and grinding machine was replaced with the successor model, and it was found that the energy supply systems were still in perfect condition despite the aggressive ambient conditions. The energy supply was ensured by the pre-assembled igus readychain series 38 / 39 and chainflex cables.
energy chain After nine years of operation under adverse environmental conditions in the galvanising plant, the energy supply systems and the chainflex® cables are in top condition.