World record with 670m! Longest travel with rol e-chain® system

The longest plastic energy chain in the world with a travel of 670m comes from igus®

For an international customer, igus® Cologne implemented the world's longest travel with an e-chain® system in cooperation with colleagues from igus India. The project design, detailing and order processing were completely handled by igus®.


  • What was needed: Type 5050RHD rol e-chain®, chainflex® CFCRANE, smart plastics EC.P
  • Requirements: Long travel (670m), continuous loads, outdoor application, temperatures from -3.9° to 48.2°C, high degree of contamination
  • Industry: Power plant, electricity industry
  • Success for the customer: Trouble-free operation since commissioning
To make this record-breaking application a success, the projects engineering team in Cologne and India examined the system on site, designed it, put together a complete system, sampled components in advance and carried out tests in the company's own 3,800m² laboratory in Cologne.
Thermal power plant The energy supply is safely managed with the longest plastic energy chain in the world.


For years, the customer had recurring problems with the energy supply, which was implemented by motor cable drums and ribbon cables on two bucket wheel excavators. This repeatedly resulted in production downtime, which added up to 5 hours per week. These failures were disrupting smooth operations, so there was a desire for longer and significantly improved service life.


For the travel of 670 metres, the heavy duty rol e-chain® of the 5050RHD series is used. It is specially designed for long travels and high pollution. The maintenance-free roller design reduces push/pull forces by up to 75% compared to standard energy chains. In addition, wear is reduced and a higher fill weight is made possible. 
The chainflex® cable of the series CRCRANE is used as electrical cable. This medium voltage cable for voltages up to 6/10KV has been specially designed for long travels for e.g. on crane and conveyor systems. 
The igus® smart plastics module iSense EC.P was intended for permanent monitoring of the plant.
The system includes an intelligent sensor system for monitoring the pull/push forces, which can be used for an emergency shutdown in the event of increased forces. 
The energy chain system is operated in an enclosed guide trough with a roof, developed individually for the customer. This acts reliably and continuously against dirt and weathering effects.
The installation was organised directly by igus India and carried out by a local, qualified service partner. The joint commissioning then took place after acceptance and approval of the energy chain system by one of the numerous igus supervisors.
The system has been operating smoothly and reliably ever since. Mission accomplished.

"Rollers in the chain links reduce the coefficient of friction enormously over long travels. This saves up to 57% of the drive energy required to move the energy chain system."

Frank Schlögel, Head of Engineering Projects & Installation Service
Energy chain of the type 5050RHD For the customer, a trough system was developed that was individually tailored to the application.
Energy chain of the type 5050RHD The chainflex cables of the CFCRANE series are guided in the energy chain of the 5050RHD series.